Can’t Sew? No Problem!

I am a sucker for a good deal. Especially when it comes to clothes. I love clothes but I do not love playing an arm and a leg for clothes. Consequently, I always have my eyes pealed for a good deal. I love a good deal so much that I sometimes have to ask myself if I like the piece of clothing as much as I love the good deal. Ultimately it is not a good deal if I never wear it. So, I have learned to be selective.

However, I found a beautiful pair of dress trousers at the Banana Republic outlet that I could not leave there. There was just one problem- they were too long. They needed to be hemmed. Leigh is well-versed with the sewing machine- I am not. So, I decided to try my hand with another method of hemming them.

Heat n Bond PackageAnd I have to say, using the Heat n’ Bond was very easy and I was pleased with the outcome. I tried on the slacks with the shoes I intended to wear with them and figured out how much they needed to be hemmed. In my case, they needed to be hemmed the size of the cuff they had already been hemmed.

So, I turned them inside out and folded and ironed the cuff. Next I cut a piece of the adhesive the width of the trouser leg and tucked it inside the inverted cuff.

a stripI set the iron heat according to the directions on the package and then I just ironed it. I flipped the leg over and repeated the process.  After I did both sides of the trouser leg and then both legs, I was very pleased with how easy and sturdy it turned out.

doneAfter having worn the trousers (all day) and then washed and dried them, the Heat n’ Bond is still holding strong! I would have no problems using it again in the same situation- particularly in another pair of dress slacks.

Have you ever used Heat n’ Bond or a similar product for a garment hem other than pants? Did it hold up for you? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Heat and Bond, or Stitch Witch, or any of the bonding tapes are great for certain projects. I once hemmed a whole set of curtains with it. It will eventually degrade after so many washings… and it isn’t perfect for finer/thinner fabrics… but in a pinch, heck ya! A great product! And what beeeeeyoutiful trousers. Yeah… I just used the word trousers.

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