No-Sew T-Shirt Tank Mod…ification

Party People. Before I begin here- I want to make sure you have checked out the truly spectacular t-shirt mods that Leigh has laid out for us. You can find them here and here and here. Yes, they are pretty snazzy. However, there is no amount of snazz that can help this girl that cannot sew! And while I am being honest- Leigh is way more up on the hip lingo. Her first mod- I had no idea what a mod was!

I feel particularly pleased with myself to use Leigh’s term here! And before I did anything- I called her direct to get her advice on exactly what I needed to do. I am getting ahead of myself… So, I bought this really kick-a$$ tank top this summer that I love. I paid $25 for it- don’t hate.

30 tankAnd I was like wow- I paid $25 for a shirt I could probably totally make myself! See, I have a drawer full of t-shirts that I don’t really wear any more but, I just can’t part with yet. I went digging for a shirt that would potentially make a great tank but I would not be overly upset if it did not work out for me.

TemplateSo, back to my conversation with Leigh. She said that a tank top mod was the easiest in the book (check!). She also said that if I had a tank top that I already owned that I liked the shape of, to use it as a template (check!). And Leigh’s final piece of advice was to use lots of pins (check!) First things first, I layered the original tank top over the shirt that would soon become a tank top.

one inside the otherAnd then I pinned and pinned and pinned- well, maybe not that many- but, I was very thorough in my pinning.

pin it real goodAfter it was all pinned, I started cutting- very carefully. And because the neck of my template tank came down lower than I wanted on the t-shirt, I just kind of improvised on that cut. It turned out just fine. I also had to go back and clean up my original cuts because there were few places with zig-zag cuts but, that was easy peasy.

no-sew tankI would say that my free (considering Bub bought me the shirt 6 years ago) tank top is just as kick-a$$ as the one I just paid $25 for back in the summer. I am very pleased with how it turned out and have had to hold myself back from turning all my old t-shirts into tanks. However, if I were the betting kind, I would bet there will be at least a couple more that undergo this modification!

No-Sew Mod

What about you? Have you ever modified any of your old clothes to breath a fresh life into them? Did that modification involve sewing? As always, let us know.

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