T-Shirt Mod: Five-Minute Draped Vest

Before and After collage from WobiSobi

Today, I wanted to share one of my favorite t-shirt mods! It (sadly) isn’t one that I came up with, but it is the one that (when I wear it) I get asked about the most. It is one of the quickest, easiest t-shirt mods out there, and it is such a cool look. This mod comes from (or, at least where I found it) a website called WobiSobi.

All you need for this is a t-shirt (preferably one that is slightly larger than you are– I used one of Josh’s that had a burn hole which was hidden by this mod) and a pair of scissors. That’s it! Here are the cutting instructions:

Cutting Collage from WobiSobi.comCut off the neck binding, the sleeves, and down each side. When unfolded and placed flat, it will look like the picture on the above right. If you still have some questions, here is her video tutorial:

The only cut that will make or break your vest is the neck hole; that is what will impact the size of your back hole. Like all t-shirt mods, start by cutting small, try it on, and then cut larger, if needed. You can always cut more; you can never cut less.

Front and back final looks from WobiSobi.com

Wearing it is simple. Just thread your arms through the hole with the strap behind your neck. Make sure you line up what were the shoulder seams on the back of your neck and lower back so that it doesn’t look askew. Also (like all other t-shirt mods), snip/even out any jagged or funky edges to your liking. Again, all credit for this mod goes to WobiSobi.com

Five Minute Draped Vest DIY

Fun, right?! This vest works particularly well with boat-neck necklines. But, it is so versatile, I would love to hear how YOU would wear it.

What do you think? Would you wear this? Do you have an oversized t-shirt perfect for this mod? As always, let us know in the comments!






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