Cheap, Effective Granite/Surface Cleaner

surface spray

I have had granite counters for 6 years now and I’ve bought everything from the super-expensive spray to cannistered wipes. I always ended up cleaning the counter twice- once to sterilize it, and again to get rid of the streaks and residue. But, no longer!

I did my research on the internet and a consensus of people agreed that a great alternative to store-bought chemicals for countertops was to mix rubbing alcohol, Dawn, scented oil (optional), and water in the proper ratio*. I use this mixture to clean my stovetop, the top of the kitchen garbage can lid, and anything else that needs it. Does it smell a little alcohol-y? Yes. But, that’s where the scented oil comes in, you see. It isn’t necessary, but it does make it more pleasant. I’m currently using lemon essential oil.

Best part about this? The cost of ingredients is, like nothing… especially compared to some of the schmancier products (which have LORD knows what in them). You don’t have to be a slave to the big-wigs over in counter cleanser any longer. This is a total win and is totes Leigh approved!


spray ratio

Fill spray bottle 1/8ths full with rubbing alcohol. Add a few drops of Dawn dish detergent and a few drops of scented oil (which is optional, but awesome and customizable). Fill the rest of the bottle with water and gently shake together. Not only does it clean almost all surfaces but it makes your granite super shiny!


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      • Awesome, I’m not buying the blue stuff anymore! I just have to make sure I mark the bottle so I don’t accidentally spray it at the cat.

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