What Scratch?

I have seen several articles on the information super highway about walnuts getting rid of scratches on hard wood floors. And all I’m saying is that over a year ago some scratches appeared on the staircase in my house. I’m not claiming to know how in the world they got there, but in all fairness, I must mention that the scratches were first noticed after this Christmas tree was  drug from the attic downstairs carefully and lovingly brought down from the attic and decorated in a festive manner for the holiday season.

Christmas Tree 2011

So….. I finally got my hands on a walnut and remembered to try this tip on the staircase. Here is the before picture:

Scratch Scratch

There was a blatant little scratch on every step, like maybe something was, ahem, drug down the stairs.

And here is the after photo:

What Scratch?

Although the physical scratch did not disappear, it is really less obvious. And unless you are looking for the scratch, you are likely to never see it. I will certainly be adding this trick to my arsenal.

All the Best, Coralie

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