Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: The Ultimate Stain Fighter

stain fighting secret

Psst. Hey you. Yeah you. Over here. Be cool. You like clean clothes? Yeah, then I got whatchew need, right here. Wait. Do you work for Tide? Woolite? You gotta tell me if you do. Alright. I guess you’re cool. This is the good stuff, see?

This is the stuff the fat cats at Shout and OxiClean don’t want you to know about. They’ve got America hooked on their product, man. And they ain’t letting go. But I got the secret right here. And it’s legit. I haven’t met a stain that this stuff couldn’t take.

You ready? Write this down. HEY MAN. I told you. BE COOL. Check it. Ready?

  • Equal parts Dawn/dishwashing detergent to Hydrogen Peroxide.

This stuff works so well that it should have to show it’s I.D. for the government data base.

Alright. Sorry. I’ve watched too much Breaking Bad, Weeds, and The Wire. But, honest to goodness, this is the best stain treating concoction I have found. And I’ve tried them all. Much like my frustration with store-bought counter cleaner I just couldn’t find a stain fighter that actually worked… especially on tough grease stains. There was a period of time that I was throwing t-shirts away because I couldn’t get grease stains off of them and my frustration led me to the internet. There were tons of suggestions, but the thing that kept coming up over and over again was using hydrogen peroxide. Since I was having problems with grease, I picked the option that also had a bonafide grease buster… and lo and behold, it totally worked. I just put equal amounts of Dawn and Hydrogen Peroxide in its own squirt bottle and went to town on my laundry. I always start a load of towels, squirt all the stains in my laundry cart, let it sit while the other load washes (at least 15 minutes), and then throw the stained items in the wash when the first load is done! If the stain still remains after washing, or it is a particularly vigorous stain, I always squirt the concoction onto the garment and then use a toothbrush to massage the product into the fibers. If there is a stain you aren’t sure about, or if it is your heirloom great-grandmother’s christening gown, then obviously consult a professional… but this stuff is great. Mustard. Wine. Armpit stains. Totally not even a problem. Not only is this concoction more effective than anything I’ve encountered in the store, but its cheaper… and kind of fun. Squirt bottles- they aren’t just for training kitties or boyfriends. *squirt squirt*

Do you have a secret from the laundry room?

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  1. I love the AC/DC reference in the title! I like to merge the lyrics of “Dirty Deeds” with “TNT” And I will be purchasing a big bottle of hydrogen peroxide today so that I can make this.

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