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We here at FTTDWYW strive to always keep our readers abreast of the latest and greatest fun things to do while you are waiting. After converting two more of my friends into 2048 addicts, I wanted to pass along to you guys the current app that has been rocking my world lately: Another Case Solved. First off, I want to give a big shout out to my awesome pal Jeanine who turned me on to this brilliance. Another Case Solved is a combination of puzzle matching (a la Candy Crush), and the classic board games of Clue and Guess Who?. It is available on both iPhone and Android app platforms and is totally worth the free price tag. Everyone can and should get this game!


Whether you are into long, over-arching story lines or quick, immediate game play, this game has both. The premise is that you are a detective in a town where there is a prohibition on sugar. I know. It isn’t as obnoxious as it sounds. In fact, it is pretty adorable. It is just a product of our times. Your base of operations is your detective agency office from where you decide if you want play the story line or the daily cases to build resources. Winning the daily puzzle games allow you to advance in the storyline, but sometimes, when I just need a quick game, I just bank the daily puzzles and leave the storyline for another time.


As I mentioned, the core of the game play is a puzzle matching system where you collect items from the list (i.e. twelve magnifying glasses, 10 fingerprints, etc.) But, this brings me to one of my favorite aspects of this game: the music/noises. The soundtrack to this game is pretty cool and I find myself humming it even when not playing. It is a jazzy, film noir, snap-based melody. In addition, this game uses fake language (akin to The Sims) that makes me giggle every time (“a blah da ne ra roo! Ah! Nom nom nom…”).

When you get a minute a feel like playing the storyline, it starts with the puzzle collecting portion, but the items you collect help you further in the game. Collecting footprints yields maps that give you clues later on in the case. Collecting question marks gives you an advantage when identifying suspects. After the puzzle round, you begin the portion that reminds me of the classic game Guess Who?. You are presented with 15 snapshots of suspects and you have to ask questions to eliminate suspects. The amount of questions you are allowed to ask depends on how many question icons you collected in the previous round. Is your suspect a man or a woman? Does he/she have a small nose? Does he/she have black hair? Again, it reminds me of Guess Who? A personal favorite from days gone by.


After determining a suspect, you then enter the two-part Clue-type portion of the game. You must use clue to determine your location through elimination. Here is an example (notice the hints: the location is more than three squares away from the golf course, etc.):


Here is another shot of the map with the clue space eliminated:


Once you find your location, you then search within it and within the objects within the building…


But, again… if playing the larger game isn’t your thing, the immediate puzzles are also super fun. The makers of the game even add an extra layer of humor in the case descriptions. Here is one for Dr. Who fans…


Or another referencing The Magnificent Seven:


Another aspect that is a complete winner is that it is basically free of obnoxious advertisements. The game gives you the option to watch videos if you like, and (if you do) you get candy (the games bonus currency). But, it is completely optional. Additionally, the game readily and frequently awards you candy, which is almost unheard of in other in-app purchase games.

All-in-all… one of the better apps I’ve played. Candy Crush is barely a blip on this gal’s radar anymore!

What do you think? Have you played Another Case Solved? Do you have an app that is rocking your world? As always, let us know!


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