Apple to Android- Let me Clear my Throat

All fun aside, here is the deal: Apple products are top of the line and are incredibly intuitive. The two iPhones that I have had have been great, great phones. And they are absolutely the reason that I am comfortable and confident using my phone as an on ramp to the information super high way. I absolutely believe if you are new to the smart phone world, that an iPhone is a perfect phone to dip your toe into that water.

It is no secret that there are tons and tons of Apple product users that are die-hard enthusiast and loyal to the core. And there is an equal amount of Android product users that would not buy an Apple product to save their life! And, I say- more power to you if you find yourself in either camp. However, Bub and I decided that we would trade in our iPhones and get Samsung Galaxy S5′ s.


So, I want to tell you why we made the switch. We basically had the same reasons. The first, we wanted new phones- like totally new. Remember when we used to get an upgrade every year and it was generally a completely different phone- not just a newer model of your old phone? Bub was also keen on the idea that the S5 was not only dust resistant but also water resistant. And, the last big reason we wanted to switch was to get away from iTunes. I am not trying to step on anybody’s toes, but I have certainly felt that iTunes was a ball and chain at times.

If I am being honest, and I am, I was a little concerned about the switch. I was concerned the S5 would be too much phone for me. I scoured the information super highway just looking for someone to tell me it was gonna be ok. Well, I never really found that but I did find lots of articles explaining how awesome the S5 is and all its awesome bells and whistles. I also found lots of articles speculating about the iPhone 6 and maybe even the 6s?

And. I am 100% confident that the iPhone 6 will be an awesome phone when Apple releases it this Fall.

I would have gone to get the new phones the day we were eligible for an upgrade but due to work, I had to go the next day. Bub and I were so ready for new phones we practically counted down the hours until we could get them!

G s5

We have had them almost a month and first things first, we LOVE them. The transition was relatively smooth and easy. The screen itself seems twice as big as my iPhone 4. It is the perfect size to me. In the next breath, I have had to learn how to hold the s5 for maximum texting comfort. I have a fairly large hand for a lady, and this phone does not necessarily fit in the palm of my hand- unlike the iPhone 4 that fit snug as a bug in the palm of my hand. I do believe that this is just getting used to a new phone.


As far as not being tied to iTunes- yeah, it is awesome. Bub and I have already downloaded music straight to our phones. (Whatchew know about Sturgill Simpson?) And Bub has gotten files in a zip drive that he downloaded and extracted silly simple.

Probably the biggest grief I have with the s5 is the voice mail system. I was so accustomed to being able to just look and see who had left me a voice mail and listen to them out of order. I have done some preliminary searches in the app store but have been unsuccessful in finding a replacement that does not require a monthly service charge.

Initially, Bub and I thought we would not need an expensive case- maybe just a little rubber something-something to protect it front minor bumps. It is dust and water resistant but, for the long run we opted for Otter Boxes, the Defender specifically. It is a very expensive computer that we carry around- might as well take care it by putting it in a decent case.

Also, I thought: new phone, extra long battery life. Sadly, I was mistaken. In all fairness, I am on my phone a lot and I can run a battery down like nobody’s business! Some days, I ¬†have to recharge about 5pm. However, the S5 has a power-saving mode that helps me preserve battery but, at the very least- it has to be charged every night. This is fine with me, but- I was expecting super-duper battery life.

So. Here’s the deal. If you are happy and content with your iPhone- there is no need to fix something that is not broken. But, if you wanna know if switching to an android, the Galaxy S5 specifically, is a good idea- the answer is yes. Yes, it is a good idea. If you want to know if you can handle the change- I say yes because I was able to and I just have an average, mas o manos, techie understanding.

Have any of you swapped Apple for android or vice versa? What are your thoughts about swapping? As always, let us know what you think.

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