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The development and widespread acceptance of cell phones TOTALLY blows my mind! They are no longer just a device for making phone calls on the go, they are on-ramps for the information super highway AND they are a camera that most people never leave home without. The last part about the camera really struck me three times in the last couple weeks. The first time was when my Daddy, owner of a flip phone that now seems antiquated, whipped his out and snapped a picture of Baby Bub. (You could have knocked me over with a feather in that moment!) The second time I was struck by the camera phone phenomenon was looking through the photos on my phone! Because even though I certainly take a pictures with my phone, I use my Nikon predominately. And the third time I was struck by the camera phone phenomenon was reading my childhood friend, Laura Colquett Graham’s blog. She did a post on a great app that converts the pictures on your phone into photo books! (AWESOME!!!)

1So, I thought I would share some pics from my phone. I will certainly come right on out and say 85% of the photos on my phone are of Baby Bub, I have some others that are not of Baby Bub and are for sure keepers too.

This first one is of Baby Bub sporting his Elvis onesie. We love Elvis! Elvis was at Bub and my wedding!







This is Baby Bub trying apple sauce for the first time. He didn’t like anything the first time he tried it including apple sauce that he now gobbles up like it’s his job.


This is a shot of my grandmother’s car. I drove it for two and a half 3years. I affectionately called it the Land Yacht. When my grandmother was alive, the horn stopped working and she was the kind of person who could not live without a horn, so she had a new horn installed. She did not just get any ol’ horn, she had a 1918 T Model Ford horn installed- it sounded like “Ah-Ooo-Ga!!” My sister drove the Land Yacht for 6 months after I got a new car and then finally I sold it to a set of 16 year old twin boys. The car smelled like my grandmother, so it was very hard to sell. But, I know Anne would be pleased that a set of cute boys are driving her car around town.


The next photo is my absolutely precious niece. This was the night of her dance recital- I have to say, she was the star of the whole show! My sister-in-law found an activity that not only does my niece love but she excels at it too! Although she was awfully cute in her T-Ball and Soccer uniforms, she found her calling in dancing!




And look at my Bub! He caught a fish! He caught a big fish! It’s photographic proof he caught a fish!









And, let me tell you what I have come to love: Top Shelf Margaritas, even at home! It is never a good idea to drink rot gut alcohol. It is always, always worth it to upgrade your liquor choice. You will thank yourself in the morning when you feel like a human rather than an alien! And, a dear friend introduced me to peach margaritas- they are a total yes, especially at home when you have fresh peaches on hand!



And this gem, I love. Three of my best friends, Lori Leech, TJ Nixon-Payne and Michelle Hall plus Bub. Lori is holding Patti Dotson’s little girl, Little Love who is 6 weeks younger than Baby Bub. Topher Payne (I love him too), TJ’s husband, is laying in the foreground. I love this photo.




And finally, my most recent favorite photo on my phone- this one of Nancy and Nicole Cabbarubia sitting in the grass with Baby Bub. I just love this.



I hope you enjoyed this quick glance at some of my favorite photos on my phone- and I hope it inspires you to go back and look at the photos on your phone and even check out the app that Laura recommended and get those pictures into a photo book! I bet you have a bunch of favorites too that you would be upset to loose if your phone died.

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