Fun Things To Do While You’re Waiting: by the Numbers

Fun Things To Do While You’re Waiting has been going strong for a little almost four and a half months now! Say WHAAA??? That’s a third of a year?! We’ve published 153 (154 including this one) posts and are STILL going strong. As much as I am a creative person, I still take great comfort in the rigidity of numbers, so therefore one of my favorite things is Google Analytics. For those of you not familiar with what I’m talking about, Google Analytics is a website that monitors and tracks the activity of a website. In this case, Fun Things To Do While You’re Waiting.

Before we ever launched the site, Coralie and I had a phone meeting where we discussed goals and various milestones we wanted to achieve by year. By the sites first year anniversary, we wanted to have at least 1000 site hits. Ha. As of today, we’ve had 9,443 site hits. 7,969 of those hits have come from America, but we also have some international readers! How many of those are spamdroids, I don’t know… but 379 of those hits come from Canada. 215 hits come from Australia. 201 hits come from the United Kingdom and 80 of them come from Germany. India, Poland, The Philippines… Fun Things To Do While You’re Waiting is international, yo! Here is a screen cap of our ‘Demographics by Location’ International page:


The blue indicates countries that have checked out the site; not too shabby for a couple of gals from the deep south. But, here (to me, at least) is what is really impressive. We have had all 50 states of the US check-in to the site. Woot. The darker the state, the more visits. It isn’t surprising the we are more popular in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, and California… but Texas?! Who knew?!And go Georgia for having the MOST visits!


So, that’s all well and good… but here is where it gets REALLY fascinating- or scary, depending on your level of Big Brother paranoia. Let’s take a look at Alabama, shall we:


We can tell down to the city who has been checking out the site! How cool is that?! Coralie and I do a lot of cross promotion on Pinterest, Facebook, Ravelry, Reddit, and other sites, so it’s neat to see from where everyone comes! So, if they don’t see us on Facebook or Pinterest… how do people find our website? Google Analytics ALSO tells you the various things that people are looking for on the internet that leads them to us! The top 5 are:

  • clean eating banana bread
  • pinterest cracked heels natural remedy
  • things to do while waiting
  • crunchy coleslaw, and
  • homemade shaving cream

Fascinating, huh?! From our Word Press dashboard (the site we use to publish the blog), we are able to see that the most popular of our posts are as follows, in order of popularity:

  1. Big Fun For A Little Kitty– Way To Go, Sheila!
  2. Natural Remedy for Cracked Heels
  3. Removing Painted Labels From Plastic
  4. Crunchy Coleslaw
  5. Star Trek Onesie: Make It Sew!
  6. Mac and Cheese Casserole
  7. T-Shirt Mod
  8. Homemade Shaving Cream
  9. Non-Judgmental Lawyer, and
  10. Top 10 Things To Know When Dining Out

Coralie and I have frequent phone meetings where we discuss strategy, performance, and how surprised we are by what hits and what misses. But mainly, we’re just so grateful for our readers and our guest posters and for everyone on Facebook who doesn’t defriend us for shameless self-promotion.

As always, we encourage everyone to leave a comment and let us know what fun things YOU’RE doing while you’re waiting and where you’re doing it! Much thanks and love!

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