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Forgive me if you don’t enjoy funny things and this feature doesn’t interest you. You do know that you are on a site titled, “FUN Things To Do While You’re Waiting”, right?! Since it is Friday and we could all use a little something to start our weekends off on a fun note, it is time, once again, for another installment of Fun Foto Friday with a slight Halloween theme- in that there is candy and some Halloween fun in a few! So, here is my latest collection! Enjoy!



charliedanielsIf this picture is any indication, apparently, things got pretty tough after ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia’. I’m preeeety sure that this is a different Charlie Daniels than the famous Southern musician, but I always feel bad for people who have the same name as someone famous. Although he may [still be in Saigon in his mind], if you want dubious beach rentals in Venice Beach then this is YOUR spot!



So, what happens when you let an adorable, pre-k, youngin’ pick his own dessert? Chocolate ice cream with four sleeves of Pez happen.



petmatchmakerAfter snapping this pic, I have since been to the website and it is actually a pretty great service/site/resource! It just wasn’t what I originally thought it was! It is an awesome service that matches people with the right pet… not a dating service for animals.




It’s pretty hard being the World’s Best at something… being the WROLD’S BEST, however, is not as hard as you would think…



joshvandiverThis one is pretty funny. I’ve been homesick lately and my mom has been awesomely sending me real mail. She mailed Jojo and me a Halloween card and the envelope tickled me. To know why this is funny, you need to know two things: Jojo and I aren’t married and Vandiver is MY last name. I blurred out the address… though it makes the Halloween card look EXTRA spooky… like it’s haunted, maybe!

Speaking of Halloween, this isn’t a funny picture (though maybe) but I had to post a picture from Halloween. Coralie mentioned that her neighborhood does a big Halloween… well, let me tell you something… if you live in a neighborhood where a lot of Hollywood Special FX people live, then Trick or Treating is going to be EPIC. People drive from all over Los Angeles to come to our Neighborhood Halloween. There was a to-scale, half-pirate ship in someone’s yard, more dry-ice than you could shake a stick at, and thousands of people. It was wild. My favorite though, is the production designer who (along with his wife) decorate their house and yard as an homage to writer/illustrator Edward Gorey and his book, “The Evil Garden.” Although my picture doesn’t capture the delightfully clever phrases under each cut-out, it gives an idea of the amount of work that goes into something like this.


notaryAnd, speaking of bad PICTURES, this one is probably the worst. You actually can’t make out any of why it is funny, and including it in this compendium is probably silly, but whatever. I tried to CSI it, but this was the best I got… you are just going to have to take my word for it! The picture is of a license plate frame that I encountered that started to drive away just as I got my camera out. Like, I said, NOT THAT YOU COULD SEE IT, but the license place frame had “National Notary Association” on the top and “Notary Public” on the bottom. I, myself, am an El Notario (and will be until 2015!) so I understand Notary Public pride… I don’t, however, understand it so much that I want it on my car. Just saying.

Now, if none of that got you to giggle, then let me try three more things:

The first is from BuzzFeed and although these are not ACTUALLY this worst things ever, they sure sometimes seem like it. Buzzfeed’s 19 Worst Things Ever.

The second is ALSO from BuzzFeed but this time it features some of the BEST things ever… namely GIFs and pics of adorable animals being adorable. 29 Things That Are Way More Important Than Work Right Now.

And lastly is a video from Jimmy Kimmel. For the past three Halloween’s he has been asking his viewers with children to pretend that they ate all of their children’s Halloween candy on November the 1st… and then to record it. I think it is funny, because it has caused kind of a fire storm of differentiating opinions in that some people consider it emotional abuse. I’ll let you guys be the judge… if I sit and think about it long enough, then YES… it is probably pretty wrong… but man I sure did chuckle.

That’s it! I hope you guys have an amazing weekend! See anything that tickled YOUR funny bone? Let us know!

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