Jean Season is in FULL Swing!

Yep. Jean season is in full swing here on the Alabama Gulf Coast. I mean, it’s November- it’s time that we be able to wear jeans. I always say I want it to be cool/cold when it is supposed to be so that it will warm up when it is supposed to! Come March, I will be ready to wear shorts but today, in November, I’m ready to wear jeans.

So, I had a little bit of time to myself- you know during morning nap time- I decided to see which jeans I could wear. By that I mean I tried on almost every single pair of jeans that I own. Because when I tried on the first pair, it fit! Like, zipped and buttoned! So that first pair led to the next and so forth and so on.

Rose Tinted GlassesAs I was trying on these jeans, I came to acknowledge and realize a few things not only about my body but also about all my old jeans. Those are the same old jeans, but this is not the same old body. This body has hatched a baby. This body is not likely to look awesome in jeans that have 3 inch zippers. There are certain bodies that can wear anything and look great, this soul-casing of mine… notsomuch.

Although I was able to zip and button each pair, in some I thought never again. My stomach has always been my biggest problem zone- even at my smallest weight, I was still working with a bay window. This has not changed- I am still working with a bay window- except now my bay window has been stretched to hell and back to accommodate a growing baby boy. Wearing those old jeans with 3 inch zippers only accentuates my bay window.

There has to be a happy medium when it comes to jeans between this:


and this:


I mean, seriously. I am not sure that those jeans with 3 inch zippers were ever my best bet, rather I was trying to wear the trendy rise. Regardless, I am certainly not interested in wearing mom jeans either! I think I’ll still to the middle rather than either of these extremes.


My whole point in this is that I feel like I am on track to only continue to look better and better in my jeans, which is a win that I’m willing to acknowledge, celebrate and now set new weight-loss goals. (onward and upward!)



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  1. Ok. I seriously DIED when I saw the jeans above the mom jeans. I didn’t read, just saw the pic and was like SHIT Coralie got tooooo skinny and THOSE JEANS? What is she thinking? Her VAGINA is showing, eeeew Bert must want to die. Then I actually read it, my heart slowed down, and I saw the last pic. You look FANTASTIC!

    • Sarah! Ha! Gotcha! I don’t think this body will ever be that small and even if it ever does get there, I won’t be wearing those jeans! And thanks Girl. I am excited to start seeing your bump photos! -CA

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