Make It Count and Count the Good Stuff Twice

Ok. Confession time. Keeping up with all things new & modern is often a chore I forget to do. This is more apparent in some areas than others. I read the magazine headlines in the checkout lane- I know Kim Kardashian is prego. And I shop, so I’m aware that stripes are in.

However, I could not begin to even come close to telling you what songs are blowing up the radio waves or for that matter, Spotify. And I am not personally a member of the Twitter community. Yes, I googled ‘hashtag’ because I didn’t understand that business and I kinda still remain confused about the logistics of hashtags. (Like using them on Facebook in status updates- although some I really like: #lovingthislife or #getmeadrink.)

A lot of the time Bub does the heavy lifting when it comes to new technology because he likes that stuff. I couldn’t begin to tell you the difference between different TVs but Bub could. He could discuss in detail the pros and cons of an LCD vs. LED whatever. Some days I’m doing good to get the TV turned on much less getting the XBox or blue-ray player to work! All things technology seem to come easy to Bub.

The same is true about our phones too. I believe I am doing all I can do with my iPhone. It is just so intuitive. I was starting to think I might want to get an Android phone at our next up-grade… until my Moma got one and I was trying to help her learn how to use it. I was reminded that I am not technologically inclined.

And in this process of helping Moma with her phone, I began to think about how fast our society has started to move insofar as innovations and ease of living. Baby Bub will probably have limited to no contact with a rotary phone and ¬†he will never know what it’s like to have a land line. ¬†Facetime just blows my mind but it will likely be a way of life to him. He will never know what life is like without the ability to consult Google about any topic under the sun. He will likely never use a tangible set of encyclopedias.

And then it became a sort of game I played with myself in my head: what else will Baby Bub never experience because the world is moving forward so fast? And then what would my parents say in the same respect to me? TVs are a blaring example both ways. I do not ever remember watching a strictly black and white TV- Baby Bub won’t know anything bigger and heavier than a flat screen.

The world around us is constantly evolving and progressing. I suppose I get so comfortable in one spot (for instance Facebook, iPhone, Pandora) that I drag my feet in familiarizing myself with the new (Twitter, Galaxy ii, Spotify).

What about you? What do you think your kids will not know about that was an integral part if your childhood?

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