Bathroom Remodel: Spray Painted Door Handle Edition

I would say that I am relatively new to the world of spray paint. I have really only come to know and love its magic since Bub and I moved into this house and began our long remodel journey. We have done several projects with spray paint including the shudders and a couple chandeliers. We have taken the summer off from any remodeling projects but now that Fall has engulfed us, we are back at it. Also, Baby Bub has started going to preschool 2 days a week and we have time to give attention to some abandoned tasks.

I have said before, when we bought our house, the interior was fairly dated. We knew we were buying a fixer and we were okay with that. We started attacking projects one by one. The latest area of attack has been the master bath and dressing room. We painted the bathroom (again) and got new light fixtures and it has made a world of difference.

We also changed the hand towel holder and toilet paper holder as well as the switch plate covers to oil rubbed bronze. Yes, I really like it. All were very simple changes and all really make the rooms come together. Well, I was cruising Pinterest when I came across a pin detailing spray  painting the door handles. Our door handles are perfectly fine- just not oil rubbed bronze finished.

Before Door Handle

Bub agreed that it would be nice if all the finishes in the bathroom were matchy-matchy. So, first things first, the door handles had to be removed from the door. Just had to unscrews on the handle itself.

Remove the Handle

Next I took them outside and sanded them with some very fine sand paper- just to scratch them up a bit so the primer would really stick.

Sand and Prime

I used  empty toilet paper rolls to stand them up so that I could stand them up and spray them without fear of them sticking to the cardboard. And I sprayed them with a good coat of spray paint primer and then let that dry.

primedAnd then I did the exact same things with the paint. I was also careful to spray the heads of the screws so that they would just blend in with the handle.

paintedThe only thing that was left to do after they were dry was to put them back in the door.

Spray Painted HandlesYes, we like them! And yes, there will be a slow progression of this all update through our house! It was a simple and easy update- might even say the easiest so far! The best is that it is matchy matchy with the rest of the bathroom (and so is the handle on the door leading from the bathroom to the dressing room).

Have you done any projects that were silly simple and yet had a wonderfully polishing effect? As always, let us know.

Update 4/22/15: 7 months later- and these spray painted door handles still look great! The spray paint has held up amazingly well- these are handles that we use on a daily basis. Next up are the handles in the upstairs bedrooms and bath. 




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    • I know! I love spray paint too! And I have to tell you, so far- real good! Now, it has only been about 2 months- but, these are bathroom handles- they get used every single day multiple times a day and thus far they have held up great.

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