Laundry Cart Level Up: A FTTDWYW Recommendation

Life is all about upgrading and leveling up. Every birthday is a level up. Every job promotion a life upgrade. But, not only do upgrades apply to cell phones and technology… but also to furniture. College is really the first time I began acquiring my own furnishings. And as I’ve leveled up, so have my furnishings. Gone are the utility spools and milk crates days. Piece by piece, the cheap and temporary pieces have been phased out in place of the better. Recently, our laundry sorting system received just such an upgrade.

Like washing dishes, I am kind of particular about my clothes. My closet is an intricately choreographed dance of divisions. As far as DIRTY laundry, I prefer a three-section-sorting

The worst.

The worst.

system. Well, four, if you count the floor. The three sections being: whites/lights, towels/sheets, and darks. Up until this point, I had been rocking a PVC/drawstring laundry bag/rolling cart for all my dirty laundry needs. Until I can live in a house with a built-in laundry chute, these carts are just a reality. I’m not a fan of lidded hampers. I just know that I am less likely to put my clothes in something that requires one-more-extra step. Just a personal preference. Unlike in Chicago, our current apartment doesn’t have a laundry machine in-unit. As such, we have had to roll our laundry cart many times down and back from the corridors to the laundry area. The rolling wasn’t so vigorous in Chicago as the distance was only 10 feet from the closet to the washer/dryer. But, after over a year in Burbank, our cheapo chart wasn’t holding up so well. The PVC joints were cracked and the action on the wheels was sticky. Additionally, Josh and I were so tired of dealing with threading uncooperative drawstrings into the unit stays. Uggh. It’s petty… but UGGH.

After doing a seven load laundry haul, Josh and I decided it was way past time to upgrade. After researching, I finally found something that sounded like EXACTLY what we needed. It is the Seville Classics 3-bag sorter laundry cart. You can find it at Amazon or at OUR Amazon store! After its arrival and assembly, for the first time in my life, I was EXCITED to do the laundry.


Not only does this sweet little number have NO drawstrings (with its nifty strong hook system), but there is not an inch of PVC to be had! Everything is reinforced and muy fuerte. There is even a metal supportive base. The laundry bags, although they looked smaller upon unpacking, actually hold more than the old, taller ones. The wheels roll like a champ and the retractable hanging bar has revolutionized my folding/hanging/sorting game.

I never thought I would be one to write 500+ words on the majesty of a laundry cart, but if you considering upgrading yours, DO IT. Sometimes it is the small things that make a difference. What have you upgraded that made all the difference? As always, let us know!


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