Be Calm, Lovers of Casabella Gloves… For Now, at Least…

I’ve made no secret of my love for Casabella Waterstop Premium Gloves on this blog– in fact, I have proclaimed quite loudly my undying brand loyalty. Which is why, when rumblings of a Casabella Waterstop Premium Gloves shortage started, I freaked… Continue Reading

Bring Back the Hat: Straw Hat Maintenance and a Call to Charms!

Way back in the early 2000’s, I remember going to Woolworths/rich  in Athens, GA. (Athens historians, which was it? It was in the Beechwood Shopping Center…EDIT: It was a Stein-Mart) I was there to spend a gift certificate I had… Continue Reading

Cleaning Stove Burner Drip Pans/Grates! Or, How My Mom Totally Didn’t Try to Kill Me That One Time.

A poison label

So, this post is less cleaning your oven with ammonia and more a public service announcement about working with ammonia. But, yeah… it’s also about cleaning your oven. I know. Super glamorous… but one must have something to do in between… Continue Reading