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wbwWith as avid a reader as I am (and I know Coralie is too), I am surprised that book reviews don’t get a lot of play on the website. Which is why, going back and polishing/editing my book review posts seemed an easy entrée into our new Way Back Wednesday series.

Moby Dick or The Great Whale by Lisel JaneMy first foray into serious back catalog polishing was with my post about reading Herman Melville’s Moby Dick titled, Readin’ the Classics: Moby Dick– Total Bait and Switch. I’m actually surprised by how harsh I was towards this book. I think the further away I go from remembering the graphic details about whale murder, the more I can understand this books importance in the literary canon. It is a extremely intense look at a very specific historical time period that doesn’t get as much play in current day. But, no… I’ll probably not read it again. But, if you think you might be interested in reading it, check out my revised version! Plus, it gives me an excuse to repost the epic picture to the right. Click through for artist details.

The Riddle Box by G. Derek AdamsMy second book-related post revision was Spell/Sword: A New Voice in a New Genre about my friend Derek’s first novel. I say, “first” because he now has a second, as I have eluded here and here. There wasn’t much to re-edit on this post (some newly decided style-guidelines) and much like his book, I still stand by this post as a fun read. If you haven’t read them yet and are in the mood for something fast-moving and clever, then may I suggest Spell/Sword and The Riddle Box, both by the charming Derek Adams. You can find them both on Amazon and in OUR store.



And, lastly, I went back and reviewed a word-nerdy post I did called Hoisted by My Own Pitard. Again, I had some stylistic changes, and an update about my magazine subscriptions, but if you missed this post the first go-round, I stand by it as a fun, humorous essay. Check it out, if you haven’t already! Hoisted by My Own Pitard

All in all, this exercise in editing has inspired me to pay some attention to our Book It! category of the blog. Plus, I was able to repost some great pictures! Not a bad deal at all, Way Back Wednesdays!




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