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I like to play what I call, “The Weather Game.” What is that you ask? If you have a smart phone, then it might be something you play, as well. When I wake up each morning, after checking my email, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, I check my Weather app. Josh finds it funny that I do this considering how little I trust weathermen or meteorologists, in general. On this app, I have it programmed to show all the places in the world that house the people I love. What is the weather like in Lavonia, GA? How about Chicago, IL? Darien, GA? Woodinville, WA? Gulf Shores, AL? I like knowing what kind of day my loved ones are having; if it is raining, if it is unseasonable, or if it is beautimous.

Along with these heart-locations, I also have places that I have loved visiting and places that I want to visit. What’s the weather like in New Orleans today? I wonder what Amsterdam is like right now? Basically, to me, it is a way to visualize myself there; to imagine what kind of day I would be experiencing if I were there. It is wishful thinking, but it is a fun distraction.

When I lived in Chicago, where the weather is, um… active(?), I used to play The Weather Game all the time. Los Angeles was definitely on my watch list. I used to dream about what it would be like to live in a place where the weather is the envy of the world– where it is always sunny and temperate. Now that I am here, like all things, it is different than I imagined. Both in good and less good ways. This week, I saw my first rain storm in three months. Statistically, I know it has to happen out here, but it was surprising, nonetheless. I have never lived in a place where rain was a rarity.

To me, rain is soothing… unless I’m out IN it… in which case I turn into a pouty kitty. But, listening to thunderstorms and hearing the rain fall on the roof takes me to my peaceful place immediately. So much so, in fact, that the sound soother in my bedroom is set to “Heavy Rain” every night. I used to laugh because I had basically conditioned myself to fall asleep every time it rained… which was unfortunate when I would find myself driving somewhere in the rain. D’oh! To me, rain is magical, cleansing physically and spiritually. It is a less prevalent occurrence out here, so when it finally did rain I was truly taken aback about how much I had missed it. When we first moved here, a friend of mine told me that when the weather is always beautiful time takes on a different quality… that the days start to bleed together. Without the distinguishing movements of weather, it is difficult to mark the passing of time… and I completely agree.

Weather is so powerful; the unseen wind, the bite of winter, the warmth of sun drops, the smell of ozone and petrichor after rain… If you doubt its effects, tell me how you feel after a week of overcast weather…the power you get from the vitamin D after a vacation…the energy you feel when the air turns crisp in the Fall. Or, talk to someone with Seasonal Affective Disorder (me). It is amazing how primitive we still are; how our surroundings impact our mood. How the weather can get into our joints and bodies… the change in pressure with a physical outcome. Amazing.

The rain brought in the first chilly weather I’ve felt out here. It finally feels like Fall… which is good, because it was kind of weird walking around the neighborhood with Halloween decorations in 90 degree weather. Yesterday, it was a high of 69. When I went out for my run late that afternoon, the weather was in the low 60’s. I had to laugh at the amount of cold weather gear the locals were wearing: scarves, hats, fleece jackets. This was hilarious to me– especially after coming from Chicago. We have two huge boxes of cold weather gear that we didn’t bother unpacking after the move and have tucked deep within our storage closet with no plans of resurrecting any time soon.

As foreign as this weather is to me, I know that come February I’ll be the one having the last laugh with all my friends and family (except maybe the ones in South America) playing The Weather Game wishing they were here.

So… what is the weather like where YOU are?


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  1. Leigh, I feel the same way you do about rain! Nothing is more peaceful as long as I’m not getting wet- love to listen to it as I drift off to sleep.

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