Spring is starting to sprung on Chicago… finally. We’ve had some cold, cloudy weeks lately- there was a six day stretch where there was no sunshine. None. But, finally, it seems like we are edging closer to Spring.

Although today was still a wool pea coat kind of day, my iPhone weather app says its going to be sunshiney and beautiful for the next 5 days. With highs up to 61* this weekend!! And believe me, in Chicago, 61* is like heaven after a long winter. As soon as the weather is even REMOTELY nice, Chicagoans are OUT IN IT… craving the sun and making up for hibernating for protection during the winter; doffing scarfs and mittens on their way to a beer garden in celebration as soon as the thermometer hits above 50. For as cruel as the winters are in Chicago, the Spring and Summer amply make up for it. I take great pleasure in the green shoots that I am seeing peek up at me through the earth. I am almost beside myself if I encounter a bunny. Bunnies are kind of my favorite. Green is starting to reappear in the city… and I love it.

We’ve had a pretty green week here at FTTDWYW. Started with a green post about upcycling objects… had a green Brussels sprouts post, in there… learned what green Flarp was… even had a guest post about how to SAVE some green on groceries. Being green is awesome. Saving green is great! Eating green is super great! Green encompasses so many things because green is life– renewal–hope. it’s about learning how to do it better; taking care. Let’s all make a vow to get out and play in the green this weekend… so that we may make that memory that will keep us warm in the winters to come.

Anybody got any green tips that we’ve missed? What’s the weather like where you are? Let us know!

Greenzo Out!




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