Fun Things To Do While You’re… MOVING?!


No. The website isn’t going anywhere… but I (Leigh) am. It’s official… Josh and I are moving to Los Angeles in a few weeks. Josh found a great job in Glendale and he starts June 10th. So, get ready for the blog (or my portion, at least) to have a lot of content on ways to pack, move, organize, and sort for a long-distance move.

We are both scared and so excited (scarecited?) about this huge, new life adventure. There are so many circumstances that have worked in our favor recently (and in the past few years) that make the time of this decision feel right. And although I am sad to leave Chicago and all the people and amazing-ness it holds, the unknown is calling. And… as I told Jojo, “If it doesn’t work out… we can always go BACK!” That’s the beauty of the known. It never leaves you; your memories and experiences are a part of you always.

I am excited, among many reasons, to reconnect with friends and family who live in Cali. I’m also really excited for the weather. That may sound silly, but my Southern constitution has struggled with the Chicago winters. For the first few winters, the snow and temperatures were a novelty for someone raised in Georgia. But after winters 5-6, the weeks of darkness and cold became less charming. I hate that I am leaving Chicago right before it unfurls into its summer awesomeness, but I just checked the LA weather at it looks like its going to be sunny and in the 70’s for the rest of the week… and, that sounds pretty great, too!

I am eternally grateful to Chicago for the people it has brought into my life and the things it has taught me about myself. But, California, here we come.

If anyone has any long-distance moving tips, PLEASE send them my way. Do you have a cross-country mover that you love? A packing tip for keeping wine-glasses from exploding? Lemme have ’em! Thanks everybody for the love and support!

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