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Silent Night, Sonoma by Eric Bowman

This is going to be another quick post, folks… And for that, I apologize. But, somehow, I managed to pack my laptop but not my laptop charger… where it is in the boxes that are hopefully in storage, lord only knows. We’re obviously going to have to go to Best Buy to get a new charger… but that is something for tomorrow. So, today’s post is a simple status update for those who are curious about what I’m up to… about which I am up? Deal with my bad grammar!

Although my back, feet, and neck were sore from the move, I didn’t realize just how exhausted we would be after packing up our life and then traveling across the country– schlepping 6 bags with us. Not only did we sleep for 11 hours last night, but we totally took a 4 hour nap. We are also super dehydrated and are trying to replenish our bodies and our souls. The phrase that we kept coming back to during this process whenever things would get overwhelming is, “I haz a sadz.” It was a way to acknowledge our feelings in a humorous way without getting caught in the sad cycle to bring us down. But we’ve both been proactively trying to not ruminate on fear and negativity. This is a scary/big move and we are trying to perpetuate the positive energy that has gotten us here. On the day of the move, I got a text from my sweet daddy that read:

“A journey of 2014 miles begins with a single step. In crisis is the seed of opportunity.” Somebody in China said that.

“Be brave, be bold, be excited, and laugh in the face of scary change.” I said that.

Have fun and enjoy the experience.

And that is what I’m trying to do. I keep coming back to the feeling I had when I first moved to Chicago. I remember dropping my parents off at Midway and driving back to my new apartment by myself realizing the enormity of the city and questioning my place in it. I had a similar moment on the plane out to LA on Wednesday as we were making our descent into the Los Angeles area. The enormity of the sprawl was laid out in front of me and it occurred to me just how many people there are in this town. There is a lot of “scary change” going on… but I am trying my best to laugh in the face of it. And soon, this too will feel familiar. We will get settled and acclimate- we will find our favorite restaurants and the best grocery stores. But the first week or so, like it did in Chicago eight years ago, will feel so surreal. It’s the differences that amaze me and lend to the surreal feeling. Driving through the hills is something that NEVER happens in Chicago… the climate and landscape couldn’t be more dissimilar. California just has a look… and it’s beautiful. But the amazement of the landscape can only do so much to assuage our nervousness. Josh starts his new job on Monday and we’re buying a car today… so, some big doings. But, deep breathing, big hugs, and amazing Mexican food are helping with the feeling of no regrets.  The only thing I’m starting to regret is packing as much cold-weather gear as I did… I have a feeling imma not need those snow boots anytime soon. But that’s a different problem for a different day!




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  1. Oh Leigh! I am so excited for y’all! Yay for new beginnings! Please, please go eat Mexican again for me! Complete w a tasty Margarita!! Love you!

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