Stuff… and Junk… STUFF AND JUNK!

It’s started: the boxes, the tape, the to-do lists… the daily mini-freak outs.  I’m trying to breathe, but things are actually starting to become real. Things are coming off shelves. Movers are coming to make estimates. Emails are being written and wheels are starting to roll. Even though I keep reminding myself that I have over 2.5 weeks to do/get everything done, I know the first week of June will be here before I know it.

One thing I do know- being an adult is pretty great. Gone are the days of bribing friends with pizza and beer to help me move. After my last move (and my first experience with professional movers) I knew that I would NEVER move myself again. I am at the age where I would and CAN pay money to SOMEONE ELSE to avoid the pulled backs and countless trips up/down floors and to/from an unreliable truck. Finding said movers, however, is a little bit trickier. Thank goodness for the internet. I’m reminded of the time when my family moved from Anchorage, AK to Lavonia, GA in 1987. My parents didn’t have the internet… they didn’t have,, or How did anything get done?!

But here I am, on the reg, looking at my surroundings and asking myself, “Do I like (insert item of stuff) enough to put it in a box, pack it up, inventory it, and pay someone to move it 2,030 miles across the country? Is this IKEA bookshelf worth carrying it across the country? Or would I be better off finding another one on when I get there? And if I’m NOT taking it with me, what do I do with it to get rid of it? The hassle of offloading is also a factor in the equation. All the questions we’re starting to get overwhelming today as I was packing cookbooks and board games, but… right when I needed it, the Universe sent me a treasure that made me check myself so there was no wrecking myself… I present to you a sampling from an unearthed treasure from my collection: my deck of Chippendale playing cards, trademarked 1987. chippendaledit

It was exactly what I needed. The moustaches! The Walkman! Why are you sipping champagne from a straw?! I don’t remember where they came from, except that I know I acquired them in high school, and *surprise surprise,* Coralie was somehow involved. But, I had a good laugh, took a deep breath, and taped-up another box… and was reminded that balance is really the key to doing all things right. Balance and moustache wax, apparently…7yoleighsignaturefinal


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