Skinny Key Lime Ice Cream Sandwiches with a Side of Skinny Blueberry Parfait

Skinny Key Lime Ice Cream Sandwiches and Skinny Blueberry Parfait


  • 1-2 cartons key lime flavored greek yogurt
  • 2-3 tbsp Splenda
  • 4 tbsp Cool Whip
  • graham crackers


  • Combine first 4 ingredients. For sandwiches, spread mixture between 2 graham crackers, and freeze. For parfait, alternative layers of mixture and crumbled graham crackers.

Here’s the deal: I have a sweet tooth from hell. I have two options. I can try to soothe that sweet tooth or I can try to ignore it and likely go on a sugar binge later. I have found that I do much better when I try to soothe my sweet tooth with something sweet on the¬†healthy side and save those big, rich, wonderfully decadent desserts for every once in a while rather than every other night.

So, Moma was here last weekend. I try to keep her some snacks in the fridge that she likes. One of them is key lime Greek yogurt. She loves that stuff. So, she was eating it and she looked at me and said all nonchalant “You know what I bet would be good and not that high in calories… if you added a couple tablespoons of cool whip to this and maybe a graham cracker.” My brain honed in on that! And honestly, I can’t remember if she said, freeze it or if I came up with that- buuuuuuttttt, that is exactly what I did!

Ice Cream Sandwiches

And I am here to tell you, they were pretty tasty! This is all I did: I emptied 2 containers of key lime greek yogurt into a mixing bowl, added a healthy dash of Splenda and about 1/4 cup of cool whip and stirred it. Yes, you can stop just right here and it’s quite delightful. But, to make the ice cream sammiches, lay out some graham crackers on a little cookie sheet or a little jelly roll pan, slather on the key lime mixture, top with another graham cracker, and freeze.

After I had scarfed all those down, and only after they were gone did I start thinking that maybe parfaits would be even less unhealthy because I could drastically reduce the amount of graham cracker in each serving… It’s hard to keep graham crackers around because I lurv, lurv, lurv them. I mean, I could sit down with a box of graham crackers, a tub of peanut butter, and a gallon of milk and call it a day. I digress, this is supposed to be about a healthy dessert option rather than an expose of my gluttony.

So, I thought I would roll the dice on parfaits. The problem was, a week had passed and Moma was back and we both wanted a parfait and we were down to one little carton of key lime Greek yogurt. No biggie, we were just gonna pick some up at Target- they were out, ended up getting blueberry fruit on the bottom Greek yogurt. Um, it might have been divine intervention.

parfaitAs far as mixing up the Greek yogurt, I followed the same guidelines as with the ice cream sandwiches. I crunched up 1 graham cracker (all 4 rectangles) and split it between 2 parfaits. I layered both key lime and blueberry Greek yogurt and the result was awesome! I mean, this little treat will be a part of my repertoire for a long time to come!

Skinny Key Lime Ice Cream Sandwiches with a side of Skinny Blueberry Parfait
  • 1-2 cartons of flavored Greek yogurt
  • 2-3 Tbsp of Splenda
  • 4 Tbsp of Cool Whip
  • graham crackers
  1. combine first 4 ingredients and either spread between 2 graham crackers and freeze or
  2. sprinkle with a crushed graham cracker and enjoy immediately

 Either way you may choose to enjoy this treat, is delicious!

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  1. These both sound yummy. I could probably overcome my hatred of yogurt with healthy doses of graham crackers and cool whip!

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