Peanut Butter/Honey Balls- Don’t mind if I do!

There is is this woman named Christy Jordan from North Alabama and she can cook! She has published a wonderful cookbook that is a great addition to any library. My Aunt Martha turned my Moma onto her who in turn turned me onto her. We have all enjoyed her cookbook, Southern Plate.

Southern Plate by CJ

I was flipping through it the other night looking for some inspiration when I came across her recipe for Peanut Butter Balls. She had my full attention at peanut butter. I love it! and I generally love any and everything to do with it. It just so happened that my grandmother had given me a jar of honey, so this recipe had my undivided attention. Moma has been telling me how good for you honey is and I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to consume honey.

Here’s what the recipe calls for

  • 2 cups of honey or corn syrup
  • 3 cups creamy peanut butter
  • 5 cups dry milk powder
  • 6 cups quick-cooking oats
only 4 ingredients
And here are the directions: Mix it all together with a mixer, form it into balls, freeze it on wax paper-lined cookie sheets and then store in a Zip Loc in the freezer.
Yum-Yum in Your Tum-Tum
First of all, these little suckers are delish. Second, they are healthy. Third, they are very addicting. The only things I will do differently next time, will be to nuke the peanut butter for a bit to get it easier to mix it all together and I will make my peanut butter ball a little bit smaller. This time, they are roughly the size of golf balls, which is a little too big. They are good out of the freezer, but because mine are so big, they are kinda hard to eat- I have taken to filling a smaller Zip Loc with them and leaving them out of the freezer and snacking on them at room temperature.

All the Best, Coralie

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