Jump Up to Get Down! May 2013 Playlist


Better late than never… one month- hopefully June, we will get our playlist up on the first of the month… I will say, that even though this one is a week late and it random- it should cause an ear-gasm. In the very least, you are gonna wanna shake it one down! Enjoy this new playlist.

  1. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered/ Ella Fitzgerald: (C) This is the song I picked to note Bridgette’s birthday. We used to listen to this song on repeat with Samantha McKinnis and Stephanie Webster.
  2. I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’/ Scissor Sisters: (C) Actually, I always feel like dancing and this is a good one to cut a rug to! TJ Nixon-Payne introduced me to this Abba-ish band.
  3. He Stopped Loving Her Today/ George Jones: (C) Well, a Country and Western Great passed away. Mr. Jones, I hope you have found some of your cronies that got there before you and have already scheduled a tour. Rest in Peace.
  4. Q.U.E.E.N./ Janelle Monae featuring Erykah Badu: (L) Janelle Monae AND Erykah Badu?!?! On the same track?!? Of COURSE it jamming!
  5. Get Lucky/ Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams: (L) New Daft Punk track… and its super catchy… It’s gonna be a summertime jam for sure.
  6. Trying to be Cool/ Pheonix: (L) Another catchy tune from Pheonix’s new album.
  7. Dancing on the Ceiling/ Lionel Richie and Rascal Flatts: (C) This was my Jam back in the day! I remember getting down to this song! I loved it!
  8. Rich Woman/ Robert Plant & Allison Krauss: (C) I just wonder what Ms. Krauss thought when this project can to be? I mean, a duet album with Robert Plant- no disrespect to Ms. Krauss, but Robert Plant is the lead singer to the arguably the greatest rock band ever!
  9. Yesterday’s Wine/ Merle Haggard & George Jones: (L) A Willie Nelson song, sung by two of the best.
  10. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door/ David Grisman, Jerry Garcia, Tony Rice: (L) I love unexpected covers. Where the melody is altered slightly… I think this track is delicate and beautiful; serene and makes me listen to the song differently.
  11. I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)/ Hall & Oates: (L) One of my ALL TIME FAVORITE songs.
  12. Been Caught Stealing/ Jane’s Addiction: (C) I was at work and the 2-man band was getting down on this song. Their instruments included an acoustic bass and saxophone. Plus, I used to watch Celebrity Rehab…
  13. Shine/ Dolly Parton: (L) Unfortunately, Spotify won’t link up to the actual version of this song… which is KILLER, as all things Dolly are… but here is a watered down, generic version done by anonymous singers.
  14. The River is Gonna Run/ Sam Bush: (C) I believe I have said it before- I love the blue grass and Sam Bush, just goes hand in hand with blue grass.
  15. Ladies of the World/ Flight of the Conchords: (L) Brunettes not fighter jets, FTW!
  16. Afterwards (Bring yo Friends)/ Kid Cudi, Michael Bolton, King Chip: (L) Again, Big R turned me onto this one. Super fun new track from Kid Cudi and Michael Bolton is KILLING IT!
  17. Turn the Beat Around/ Gloria Esteban: (C) This is a personal shout out to everybody: It’s time to turn the beat around! It’s time to shake it on down! Get moving!
  18. Call me the Breeze/ JJ Cale: (C) Oh JJ Cale, how I love thee. The cover of this song better known than your version but your version is better!
  19. Lovely Cruise/ Jimmy Buffett: (C) Have you ever watched Long Island Medium on TLC? I suggest you give it a chance. If you ever wanna buy me something and money is no object, I’d like a consultation with Teresa. She says there is no such thing as coincidence. I 100% believe her about coincidences and also that she can communicates with those that have died… on an episode in last season she went out to eat at a Japanese restaurant and ended up reading a stranger sitting across the hibachi. The stranger was a complete New Jersey skeptic until Teresa told her that her father had held her grandbaby before the grandbaby was born. This song is on here for a reason- because someone’s cruise was cut too short.
  20. Stir it Up/ Bob Marley: (C) I have the cutest, most awesome nephew (11) and niece (5). They are just so smart and have the best manners. They are loving and beautiful. And they love some Bob Marley. Even the 5 yr old knows a Bob Marley song from the instant it starts. I hope they always stir it up!
  21. You Spin Me Right Round/ Dead or Alive: (C) I don’t know why!




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