Phurther Adventures in Phun Photo-ing!

The world could use a little fun right now and I could use a little more memory on my phone. Which is my way of saying, get ready y’all… cause its time for some fun photos. What quantifies a photo as “fun?” Some of these photos are funny. Some of them are just diverting and mildly amusing; which is the textbook definition of “fun.” I guess, I am the ultimate barometer. Which is a fun sentence! This batch of photos, like they all do, organized themselves into two distinct types of photos: “retail headscratching” and “adventures on the road”. *whip noise* Let’s go!






While holiday shopping, I came across this sign at the Urban Outfitters in Athens. The speed and quantity of rebuttals flooded the chute and rendered me mute.


Hotel Brand Hardwood Smoked Bacon.

Hotel… Brand? I thought Sunnyland was the brand.

Also notice the tagline, “Sliced in the Tradition of Fine Hotels.”

  1. Why add the modifier “Fine”?
  2. Maybe they are using “fine” as a synonym for “alright”?
  3. Has anyone ever gone to a hotel and been so knocked out by their bacon that they wish they could replicate that experience in their own homes?
  4. Some executive in big-bacon must have said some variation of those exact words (which are ridiculous) and made a million dollars.

At least the picture of the supposed “perfect breakfast” looks appropriately like most hotel breakfasts do. Unripe cantaloupe? Check. Yellow slime eggs? Oh, there they are.


This sign actually does make me Hometown Proud. When recounting my encounter with this beast later, I may have accidentally made it 54 ounces with the size being roughly that of a mini-keg. A girl can dream, I guess. Plus, if it makes a better story… which should be transcribed in Latin and placed on my family crest!



Horrible catalog items are kind of my favorite. This one works on a many offensive levels.  This “real working plunger makes gunshot sounds” that “turns an unpleasant task into comedy.” I don’t even have to make pithy commentary. The ad copy does it for itself! Though I guess any copy, when read dripping with sarcasm gets the point across. “Not only does it actually do the job, but it also makes realistic shotgun sounds when you pull the trigger.” This is what you think “rednecks” are/like?! This was an idea someone had that they then spent money on to go into production?! Thank goodness the commodities are limited.

Speaking a waste of resources…


The city of Atlanta is building a new stadium; despite public outcry. I think it’s colossal waste of money and resources. But, I also think it is neat to see an aerial shot of it. The flight I was on approached Atlanta from a different angle than any I’d previously seen and took us over the site. They are building the new one next to the old one. The new stadium features a roof that opens and closes like a camera lens– which is indeed is an awesome idea. But, not enough of one for these shenanigans. That being said– Aha! So, that’s how you build a roof that opens and closes like a camera lens!

Oh, this? This is just an adorable doggo mural from iconic restaurant The Varsity in Atlanta. The world definitely needs more of this.






Was this IHOP on the way to LAX formerly a P.F. Changs? Which reminds me of the awesomeness of googling, “buildings that used to be Pizza Huts“. Now THOSE are some fun photos.








See? Wasn’t that… fun? What do you think?  Is bacon from hotels YOUR thing? Have I become too cantankerous? Have you Googled “buildings that used to be Pizza Huts” yet? As always, let me know!



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