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Parting really is such sweet sorrow. As excited as I am about returning to Cali (especially with the cold snap sweeping every part of the nation EXCEPT California), leaving home always breaks my heart. Whether I’ve stayed a week or a month, three days before I am scheduled to leave, I always develop this sinking feeling in my gut. The feeling is equal parts anxiousness and sadness. The feeling is a reaction to my becoming hyper-aware of how fast time has gone by… it is also my frustration in running out of time to do all the things I wanted to do– mainly in the friends I wasn’t able to see.

I don’t want to gush about how amazing my family is because I try to stay sensitive to the fact that not everyone has such a good relationship with their family. But, I do just want to say even though my folks are downstairs asleep as I write this, I preemptively miss them terribly. When I get back to Burbank, I know my heart will ache less and less by the day as I get back into the swing, but uggh… in the here and now I am a mess.

I know that Burbank is exactly where I need to be (big picture) in my life… and I also know that I don’t want to live in Lavonia… but it is still hard to leave family hugs and puppy-kisses. I know I carry their love with me no matter where I am… but sometimes it is hard to live across the country. Traveling is expensive and although I always get the big family news quickly, some of the day-to-day stuff is my favorite part.

Despite getting a stomach bug, and some other wonkiness on this trip, it was still one of the best holiday seasons ever. And even though I say that every year, I am sincere in my sentiments. The greatest gift I was ever given was being born into this family.

Uggh. Can’t. Write. Anymore. Deep breaths. At least I’ll have the added stress of packing to keep me occupied. I fly out Wednesday evening… so, fingers crossed, but I’ll see you on the other side of the country!



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