Poached Eggs 1-2-3!

I love eggs! I love scrambled eggs, fried eggs, deviled eggs, egg salad, quiche- pretty much any incarnation of eggs, I love. Poached eggs are no exception. Eggs Benedict is one of my all-time favorite breakfast dishes but I rarely, if ever, get it because poaching eggs was not in my or Bub’s skill set- Until now!

Easy as 1 2 3

My sister-in-law, Monica, was kind enough to share her secrets to poaching eggs and it was as if this magical door had opened for us! I thought you had to have your water just almost boiling but not still either and then you had to swirl it just enough but not too much and then crack your egg just so and if all that wasn’t done just right it was a disaster. Well, forget all that!

Poached Egg process

Okay- so. According to Monica, the secret to the perfect poached egg is adding vinegar to the water. And your water you be simmering to the point that it looks like active club soda. Easy enough! To be honest, she did not measure the amount of vinegar she used. In about 4 cups of water, she used 1/3-1/2 cup of vinegar. The best description I can give is three bubbles out of a big bottle of regular, white vinegar. Her other secret to poaching eggs was to crack the egg into a ramekin and then pour it into the water. I am sure that a serving spoon would serve the same purpose if you do not have a ramekin.

Y’all. Her poached eggs came out perfect! Having been taught this easy way to poach eggs has really given Bub and me a whole new lease on breakfast! If you have shied away from poaching eggs, I hope this helps you out too!

All the Best, Coralie

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