Nail Polish on Pyrex: Now you See it, Now you Don’t!

I am sure everyone has seen the pins on Pinterest about how to use sharpies to write on dishes and then cook the dish in the oven and the sharpie becomes permanent… So, I had a cousin getting married, he’s a musician and he married a musician. So, my bright idea was that I would use that sharpie trick on some salad plates that they could use as appetizer plates. Because they are both musicians I thought it would be cool to put love song lyrics on the plates- cool, huh? (No, I’m not talking cheesy love songs, I was thinking rocking love songs!)

Wellllllll, Leigh informed me that the sharpie trick does not work! My plan was foiled! Crestfallen, I went on… until I was reading an issue of Southern Living magazine. In the South, and hopefully everywhere in the US, but definitely in the South, if someone is born or dies, has a bad day or week or month, gets out of the hospital or goes into the hospital  or comes to spend the night or just because they are thinking of you and everything in between- a casserole is going to be made and taken to whoever is in need. Especially if a bunch of casseroles were made it is often hard for the recipient to know which pyrex belongs to which person. And to not get your pyrex dish back is not the end of the world but it is not awesome either.

So, back to me reading Southern Living. There was a little article about this very topic and the editors suggested using nail polish to write your name on your pyrex because it would not wash off. A light bulb just flashed in my head! But, I knew I had to try it out before I got down to serious business.

Fresh Paint

So, I got out my nail polish and painted my name on the bottom. I was just so excited- this could totally breath new life into that sharpie trick! I could hardly wait to put it in the dishwasher and put it through a cycle.

But then…

Fresh Paint Wash Out

I whipped open the dishwasher door and that crestfallen feeling returned. In fact, nail polish is not permanent either- it couldn’t stand the heat of the dishwasher. Darn. Oh well.

Signature B

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  1. The only thing that I know works FOR SURE is glass etching paste… which I’ve dabbled in… Lemme know if you’re interested… its kind of a deal because of the toxic, dangerous chemicals you’re using… but it works.

    And Sharpie does make a permanent marker FOR ceramics… that you bake, but after seeing the same thing that you did on Pinterest, I searched out some other pintesters who had tried and failed at just using a regular sharpie. *wah wah… (sad trombone*

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