Painted Terra Cotta Flower Pots

I am constantly amazed at the awesome stuff that I find on Pinterest. Each time I take a look around on Pinterest I find something that inspires me. If I could try all the yummy recipes, I would be the size of a barn and there just isn’t enough time in the day to even begin to think about all the wonderful projects showcased on Pinterest.

However, I was cruising around on Pinterest a couple weeks ago when I came across this awesome pin from the Hunted Interior detailing how to add gold leaf to Terra cotta flower pots and just fell in love. At the time Spring was just around the corner which meant getting the yard and our plants in order was rapidly approaching. Those gold leaf Terra cotta pots just kept running through my head.

And then, one day it dawned on me- I could spray paint the pots with the hammered bronze paint I already had. And I could use painter’s tape to create a design. I was so excited. I set out to get this little project started! Terra cotta pots are by far the most affordable and most durable flower pots but sometimes they lack pizzazz. Not any more!

What You Need

I got busy with the painter’s tape creating some stripes on the pot and then covered the pot in paint. I let it dry over night- better safe than sorry- and then peeled off the tape and was super pleased with the results.

big potAs a matter of fact, I was so pleased with how the first one turned out, I did a second smaller one. I love how they both turned out and am particularly pleased with how easy this project was from start to finish. Once I filled them with soil and flowers, I was just tickled with how much I love them!

Finished Pots As a matter of fact, I plan on adding a little pizzazz to all my Terra cotta flower pots!

pot Collage

Since I found the pin on Pinterest from the Hunted Interior, Spring has Sprung here on the Gulf Coast! It is hard not to stay outside all the time planning and plotting which plant is going to go in which pot and where in the yard it is going to be placed. And I just love these new flower pots. Now the decision becomes do they go on the front porch or the back porch.

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