Decoupage Flower Pot- New Life in an Old Pot!

I have to be honest, Leigh’s pinterest experiment mod-podging boxes made me remember how much I enjoy doing decoupage myself. I was at an arts and crafts show a couple weeks ago when I saw these awesome, awesome flower pots. The artist had taken a plain terra cotta pot, painted it, sealed it with a clear acrylic spray and was selling them as pieces of art that happened to be planters. But. Something clicked in my brain as far as sprucing up some of my terra cotta pots.

First things first, I cut out a bunch of pictures that I liked from old magazines and then I went out to locate the perfect old pot. I found one that I had spray painted with glow-in-the-dark paint that never glowed. After I got the pot wiped down, I used a sponge brush to put mod podge on the pot. And then I began adding my cut outs with not rhyme or reason.

Step One

Step 2-3And after I added the cut outs one at a time, I brushed on another layer of mod podge. It looks cloudy but it dried clear. I did it upside down because I wanted the pictures to extend all the way under the pot and for the most part over the rim.


After I got it completely coated with the cut outs and mod podge, I let it sit in the sun and dry- it dried quick. Finally, I coated it in a clear acrylic spray. It was drying in the yard when Bub got off work- he noticed it right away and commented that it turned out  great.

Decoupaged Flower PotI am thinking that this will be an inside pot. I am not sure that this will hold up to the weather or specifically, the sun. But, I am super excited to get a plant in it! It makes me realize that Bub and I are long over-due for a plant nursery run.

Has anyone else been inspired by a piece of art work to create something of your own? Is anyone else ready for the Spring to get underway! Or anybody have a great idea to revamp a flower pot?

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