Dallas or Bust!

Bub and I just got back last week from Dallas. We went for AdvoCare’s Success School. This year, rather than flying and renting a car when we got there- we drove… all 650 miles out there and all 650 miles back. (We have been road warriors this summer!) Bub drove the entire time, he is so good that way. Alece and her husband, Matt, rode with us- they are the couple that shared AdvoCare with us and seeing how they are our neighbors and good friends- we rode together. protein1300 miles in the car with the 4 of us- we were completely serious the entire time… well, not so much. Matt found us some tasty jerky at one of the many pit stops. We were also able to stop and have lunch in Jackson, Mississippi at one of my old favorites- Keifers. I started thinking about having lunch there when I figured out we would be passing through Jackson during lunch time. After lunch, it was Spark-thirty! (Spark is an energy drink loaded with daily vitamins and amino acids- Bub and I drink it every day- we love it.) spark thirty Our first night in Dallas/ Fort Worth- we went out to dinner in the Fort Worth Stockyards district. We ate at Cattle Men’s Steak House– Alece and I ate there when we were in Fort Worth in February and thought the guys and our other friends would enjoy it too. After dinner, some of us wondered down to the White Elephant Saloon– long enough to for Alece and I to take a bull #stalkie… bull stalkieSuccess School did not start until the afternoon of the next day, so we basically had all day to be tourist! Last year, Bub and I toured all things JFK, this year we knocked around Fort Worth. We went to the Fort Worth Water Gardens and they were really cool! We all enjoyed checking them out. I think our favorite was the quiet pool- it was beautiful. quiet pondBub and I learned last summer that there needs to be at least a loose plan when it comes to touring Dallas/Fort Worth. It is not like New Orleans or Charleston where you can just park your car and wonder around and find cool stuff instantly. But, there is a ton of cool stuff in the Dallas/Fort Worth area- the cities are just so spread out- you need a plan. And then, the whole reason we went- Success School- it was just first class. AdvoCare, in my experience with the company, is a company that dots all its I’s and crosses all its T’s. This year’s National Success School was no exception. I am sure if you asked everyone in attendance (in Cowboy Stadium) what the highlight of the weekend was- you would get a bunch of different answers. Some might say watching Rich Froning, (Crossfit’s 4 time World’s Strongest man and an AdvoCare endorser) beat his personal best at Heavy Grace (dead lifting 225 lb 30 times in a little more than 3 minutes!), some might say hearing all the stories was the highlight. But, the highlight this year, to me was the release of the new skin care line. SYSYes. I am super pumped about the new skin care line! But, all good things must come to an end and Success School was no expection. On the return trip, we broke it up by stopping in Shreveport for the night. We again stopped in Jackson on the way home to enjoy a meal. We ate at Iron Horse- it was delicious. And as a bonus, we got to see Patti, Justin and Owen, who we shared our trip to Charleston with. So, as summer is winding down, have you logged any road trips this year? As alwsys, let us know.

All the Best, Coralie

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