I know many a cat lover. Cats are great, but my allergies preclude me from being a “cat person”. That doesn’t, however stop me from enjoying adorable cat videos on the internet. Which is a good thing, since 90% of the interweb is comprised of cat-related cuteness. I recently stumbled upon a video that never fails to make me chuckle. And if it is an animal video, and it makes me chuckle, then you KNOW it is going to find its way onto the blog. It is only 19 seconds long, but if you lived through the mid-nineties, this might also make you laugh.

I mean, come on. Adorbz. I feel like if Collective Soul were smart they would do something with this. And if that video weren’t awesome enough, then check out this video of the incomparable Dolly Parton covering, “Shine.” It’s one of my favorite covers ever.

Shine on, everybody!

What do you think? Do you like cat videos? Are you a Dolly fan? As always, let us know in the comments!


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