Its that magical time of the year again: Girl Scout Cookie Time. I was never a Brownie or a Girl Scout, but I like to think of myself as a supporter of both organizations. I love most of the values nosolicitingthey promote and a majority of the tenets they follow. I also love their cookies… which is a problem. Cookies are one of my greatest food weaknesses. This year, I thought, would be different. This year, I had seen real progress in my habits and thinking. So, when my neighbor’s daughter knocked on our door a month ago, I was extremely confident that this was the year that I could be trusted to dole out the cookies in their suggested portion sizes. Not only would I be giving money to a great organization, but I would be re-affirming all of my positive changes. Win! The Girl Scouts got my money. That other part? Not so much.

babyAfter just coming off of a very successful cleanse, and even eating responsibly in Vegas, I was so confident that the lifestyle changes I was trying to make were starting to sink in… that things were starting to get easier. I should have known better. Certain aspects ARE getting easier, but there are just some lifelong habits that are harder to break- sugar addiction being one of them.

I was lamenting the recent disappearance of a box of Samoas (my kryptonite) to Coralie on the phone. She told me that she had not bought a box of Girl Scout cookies in over 5 years because she knew that if they were in the house, she would eat them. I was so proud of her self-awareness. So much so that I have decided that I am finally at that point. The ease with which I can polish off a sleevethinpig of Trefoils or Thin Mints is startling. And as much as I like to justify this action by saying that my eating cookies supports the Girl Scouts, I know that I am lying to myself. I’m not eating the cookies as an altruistic act. If I wanted to give the Girl Scouts money, I should just give them the money! I am eating the cookies because I cannot control myself around them. Even though there are flavor duplicates that are available in stores year round (Keebler’s Coconut Dreams, for example) something about the combination of girl power and “limited” availability turns me into an insane cookie-binging monster.

So, what is the solution? Not help the Girl Scouts?! Don’t be silly. I think the answer varies depending on the individual, but I have formulated an attack plan for next year. The plan comes from my Aunt Jane with whom I had a lovely visit recently. We were discussing a dear cousin who is deployed in Afghanistan, and of a request he made for care packages for soldiers who weren’t as mail-fortunate as he. Jane’s suggestion was that we still buy the cookies, but that we send them to soldiers overseas instead- helping two groups at once! (Or three, if you include yourself!) This suggestion opened up a whole new realm of truly helpful uses for Girl Scout Cookies to me. If boosting the morale of our troops isn’t your thing, what about purchasing the cookies and then donating them to a local food bank? All I am saying is that you can help the Girl Scouts help someone else while also helping yourself! Just not by helping yourself to more cookies. I have stopped beating myself up about my recent three-box cookie dalliance because that is also something on which I am working. I truly believe that knowing is half the battle. Being aware of a trait is the first step to being able to modify it. Maybe one day I’ll reach a point where I don’t remember that I put a sleeve of Thin Mints in the freezer… but that day is not today.

Aaaaaaaaaand, Jojo just walked in the door with 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies that he bought from a Girl Scout’s father with whom he works. Hilarious. Maybe I’ll just have one…

Are you a cookie monster? Do you love the movie Troop Beverly Hills? Do you have any tips for dealing with this yearly event? As always, let us know!





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