Christmas De-Cluttering Take One

Okay. In your mind’s eye, go with me. I have always loved decorating for Christmas. I have always loved putting up trees, lights, wrapping gifts, holiday baking- the whole nine yards. I enjoy it all. I was probably 24 when I bought my own Christmas tree and really decorated my own abode for Christmas. And each year following, I would add a few more decorations to my collection. By the time I was 30, I had amassed a modest collection of decorations.

I was 30 when I inherited my grandmother’s Christmas decoration collection. Her collection, in comparison to mine, made mine look like a mere drop in the ocean! I have already discussed in detail that I attach sentimental value to insignificant things. When we began to unpack her house, there were Christmas decorations that I had never seen and I helped her decorate many years!

I re-packed them all up and they stayed packed until Bub and I bought a house and the holiday season came back around. That first Christmas in the house, I pulled it all out. I was in such a hurry and in such a haze packing it all up, I had no idea what all I was working with. It resulted in SEVEN Christmas trees and decorations upon decorations and I still didn’t display it all!

Last year, our second Christmas in the house, Baby Bub was 2 months old for Christmas. I cut it way back. I still had 2 trees plus 2 little themed ones but that was just about it. I know, still seems like a lot. But, you should have seen what was left in the attic.

Because I have so much, I just can’t justify buying anything new. Which sucks. For the last 3 years I have seriously only bought 3 new ornaments and a “Baby’s First Christmas” picture frame. For someone who loves Christmas as much as I do, it’s really a sad state to not be able to buy any more Christmas decorations. In all honesty, I don’t have room to display anything new.

What’s the solution to this? I have to go through all this stuff and get rid of some of it.

xmas de-clutteringBut why would I just throw perfectly good Christmas decorations out when I can give them to my sister!?! These were just the decorations that I went through. I still have to go through ornaments- but, I am going to wait until I am putting them on trees to cull out the ones I think she needs to have.

This is just the start. I got her pile together in less than an hour. It was more of a mad dash than a long, drawn out thought. I know that she loves Christmas and decorating as much as I do and as it turns out she needed some decorations of her own. Win-win. In addition to her pile, I also had a throw-away pile- I mean, some things need to go on to their final resting place… in the landfill.

On somewhat of a side note, Bun called me this morning and asked if I knew that 2 houses in the neighborhood had already put out Christmas decorations. I told him I was not aware of that obviously those neighbors are not suffering from oppression. After he stopped laughing he said that if it would ease my feelings of oppression I could start bringing the decorations downstairs but that he was not ready to put lights on the house yet…


All things considered, I can handle that! I am feeling so awesome! I do got some de-cluttering done (trust me, I know I have more to do but- I am continuing the process) and I have Bub’s blessing to start pulling out the Christmas decorations. Yes!


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