White Pumpkin Decorating and Christmas Planning

Happy Halloween! Can you believe that it is already Halloween? This year has just flown by, each month faster than the one before!! It will be Thanksgiving in a blink of an eye and Christmas before we know it!

I just could not let Halloween slip by without sharing a little pumpkin decorating. I love decorating pumpkins but I do not particularly love carving pumpkins. I was watching The Chew this week- Clinton really is crafty– when I was inspired by his pumpkin decorating. He painted a pumpkin white and then modge-podged shiny confetti to the bottom half. It was right affective.

I decided I needed one myself but, that I would make some minor changes. I wanted to buy a plastic pumpkin so that I could keep my pumpkin and be able use it in years to come. We just got a brand new Hobby Lobby- I am sooooo excited about this. So, I off to Hobby Lobby I went looking for a plastic pumpkin as well as shiny confetti.

I want to say, that I have another new something I would like to bring to your attention, maybe you have heard of it? Raise.com It is a site where you can buy and sell gift cards at a discount. I did check to see if there were any Hobby Lobby ones available- but, not so much. However, there were some for Michael’s as well as JoAnn’s Fabrics- (that’s the store that caused Leigh to brave the Black Friday crowds last year.) Another store that I will be getting some cards for will be Target- hello, discounted gift card plus cartwheel plus 5% savings with my Target debit card- Ho! Ho! Ho!

I digress, where was I? Oh yes- glittered white pumpkin decorating. I was lucky enough to find a white pumpkin at Hobby Lobby but the only confetti I could find was not what I had in my mind’s eye. So, I shifted gears to glitter. And from here, this was the easiest craft ever!

all the stuffI mixed purple, orange and black glitter together in a solo cup and used a sponge brush to paint on Elmer’s glue. Then I just poured the glitter over the glue.

a little glitter hereThere were some places that I missed with the glue, but I just painted on some glue in those spots and poured glitter back over it- so easy.

patch it upI just kept painting and sprinkling until I made it all around the pumpkin.

let it dryI let it dry and then added it to my centerpiece on my dining room table! I love it and am so glad that I went with a plastic pumpkin so that I can enjoy it in years to come!

white pumpkin plus glitterDo you have any crafts that were silly simple and super awesome- you know we want to hear about them.

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P.S. I have been really thinking about Christmas garlands for my front porch. I think I am finally going to try my hand at decorative mesh and I am also pretty sure that the Fall Wreath will not be the end of my love-affair with burlap… do not fret, I will share it all with you!

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