Gone Fishin’


I would like to offer a million apologies to our readers and to Coralie. I have been M.I.A. for the last two weeks: no posts, no #waybackwwednesday, no nuffin’. There is just something about being back in Georgia that makes a blogging schedule hard to follow. Between spending quality time with my family and gearing up for my brother’s stem cell transplant, there has been little to no time to blog. If we were still doing the hall pass system, I would have burned two, no question. With all the stuff my family is going through right now I wish I could fa-get about it. But, alas, it seems to be foremost on my mind. Things like Pinterest experiments and Squatty Potty recommendations seem pretty silly when faced with real-life issues. If anything, things are going to get crazier for me in the next two months, but I wanted to touch base with y’all and let you know that I have not forsaken my beloved funthingstodowhileyourewaiting.com.

I know Coralie has just as much stuff on her plate right now, so my excuses sound pretty pathetic, but I beg your indulgence and promise to do my best during this time. I’ll have a fresh post for you on Monday, so stay tuned, but (until then) be good to one another!



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