Notes From The Front: SaaaAAAN Dee-AHgo

Family Vacations. There is a reason why some of your most vivid memories are from family vacayvacations. You are simultaneously in surroundings that are strange and new but also surrounded by people whose genetic makeup and background are identical to yours. You are both on your worst and best behavior. I find myself tonight in a semi-suite at the Mission Bay Hyatt with my mom, dad, and brother Russell. Needless to say, finding the time and solitude to write a post that encapsulates the epic-ness that is this vacay is difficult.

On Saturday morning, after continuing the search for an apartment, Jojo and I drove down to the San Diego area to meet my family who were arriving in the afternoon from Atlanta. The original plan was to meet up with them at the hotel that evening, but I wanted to surprise them so Josh and I staked out a spot at the John Wayne Airport baggage claim in anticipation of their arrival. They came, were surprised, and we all headed to the San Diego area where I have aunts/uncles and cousins from both sides of the family residing.

I really want to devote some time to encapsulating the craziness that IS this trip… for I think there are some stories of note. Now however, right at this moment, is not going to be the time. That is the other thing about family vacations… at the end of the day, you are so wiped from sun, emotions, and exhaustion that it is all you can do to brush your teeth, let alone wax poetically about the nature of familial relations; THAT can come later. Right now, however, I need to claim a section of fold-out sofa from my brother and recharge my battery so that I may tackle another grueling day of the most fun ever.

Until then, dear readers…



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