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Bub and I really do love our house. It is certainly a work in progress and as I have mentioned before, as we mark one project off our list we add about 3 more. It is a constant work in progress. Every now and then we tackle a project that is not even on the list like the one we did last week.

crawling baby bub

We moved into our house two and a half years ago and from the first day, our trash can sat at the end of the island on the oven side… and it worked but our garbage was basically in the middle of our kitchen. It was very convenient to have it there but, now Baby Bub has started crawling and it seemed we need to avoid a catastrophe by finding a new home for the garbage can.Baby Bub is on the go and he is already very adept at pulling up, so it is really on a matter of time before he would potentially tump it over.

So, I was cooking breakfast when Bub and I started talking about how it would be nice to be able to get the garbage can out of the middle of the kitchen. Bub believed it would really open up that space if we found a new home for it. So, then we kinda both came to the conclusion that we were not using the cabinet on either side of the fridge to their maximum potential.

Lots of Space


Previous to this, the closet on the left was home to our recycling can and the closet on the right was the broom closet.

Right Side

This is not the case any more! We decided to redefine both closets. As we were really checking them out, Bub noticed that the closet on the right was already set up for a shelf, a few nifty cuts on a piece of scrap wood and BAM! we had a shelf. The shelf was literally made to be the new home for cleaning products formally found under the kitchen sink… yes- so not only did we get the garbage from being out in the middle of the kitchen we also cleared a little space under the sink! (Win!) We decided to put the recycle can in the right closet so that the trash can could be in the left which is closer… sorta.

After we got he right closet settled, we moved on to the left closet.

Left Side

The left closet was not preset for a shelf, but this did not detour us! Again, Bub made a couple quick cuts of some scrap wood an whipped up a shelf in no time! And again, the shelf freed up more space under the previously crowded real estate under the sink.

We are still getting used to the trash being in the closet. And I will be honest, it has been pulled out almost every day since it was reassigned. But, it always goes back in the closet.

These closets make me wonder what other spaces I am overlooking that could use just a bit of tweeking that would provide some much needed storage. I have really been looking around my house with a new eye since we did this with these cabinets. Who knows what might be next!

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