A New Year, A New Playlist! Come and Get it, 2016!

New Year New Playlist 2016

We turned the page on 2015, we might as well turn the page on the last playlist. We got some songs picked out that will shed insight into our current head space as well as how we want 2016 to play out. Today’s playlist was mixed by YouTubes “By Popularity” ranking. Standard playlist rules, apply. Turn it up, sit back, relax and enjoy.

  1. (Leigh) – Cool for the Summer/Demi Lovato: I’m as surprised as you that Demi Lovato is on this list… not once, but twice. It’s NOT the summer, but I still dig this song.
  2. (Coralie) – Like I’m Gonna Loose You/ Meghan Trainer ft. John Legend: I am going to be honest. I think Meghan is cute and her hit “All that Bass” is super cute but what caught my attention with this song was John Legend- I love him. This song is a great love song. (Leigh) This song makes me super emotional whenever I hear it. Uggh. So many feelz.
  3. (Leigh) – Downtown/ Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: In all the year-end review stuff that came out recently, I saw that this song was the 77th most popular song of the year. Entertainment Weekly had some snarky things to say about it, too; putting it on their “worst song of the year” list. Whatevs. It’s a song about a moped and it’s been on my playlist for like half a year now.
  4. (Leigh) – Powerful/ Major Lazor: I totally believe in the power of energy and power between people. This is just a good, poppy ditty.
  5. (Leigh) – Naughty Girl/ Beyoncé: Speaking of power, this song gives me life. It gives me swerve. A must for all.
  6. (Leigh) – Wet Dreamz/ J. Cole: The only thing I like better than this song is the video. This video is A++ This song deserves to be in the pantheon of songs about punching your v-card.
  7. (Coralie) – Let’s Dance/ David Bowie: It is only in the recent past that I have come to appreciate David Bowie. Leigh has loved him for over 2 decades probably. She put one of his songs on a mixed tape for me years ago and I hated it and always, always forwarded it. But- “Put on a Red Shoes and Dance the Blues Away. ” (Leigh) I’ve loved David Bowie for three decades now–since before I knew who David Bowie was. That’s what happens when you watch Labyrinth at a formative age.
  8. (Coralie) – Till It’s Gone/ Yelawolf: Did you know that Alabama has native rappers? Yep. And my sisters are fans of this dude. The cadence of this song is catchy.
  9. (Coralie) – Soul to Squeeze/ Red Hot Chili Peppers: “When I find my peace of mind, I”m going to give you some of my good times.”
  10. (Leigh) – Stone Cold/ Demi Lovato: This is a song I wish I had written.
  11. (Leigh) – Cake by the Ocean/ DNCE: Such POP. Many toe taps. Plus, who doesn’t love cake?
  12. (Coralie) – Dreams/ Beck: Beck’s latest release. “Here we are running circles round and round and round and round. when nothing’s right, close your eyes- close your eyes and you’re gone. Dreams.”
  13. (Coralie) – A Change is Gonna Come/Otis Redding: “It’s been a long time coming and a change is gonna come. Yes, it is.”
  14. (Coralie) – Forty Six & 2/ Tool: “I’ve been crawling on my belly, figuring out what could have been. I’ve been wallowing in my own confused, insecure illusions..”
  15. (Leigh) – A Thin Line Between Love and Hate/ The Persuaders: This song. This video. All of it.
  16. (Leigh) – Ten Years Gone/ Led Zeppelin: There is something about Led Zeppelin’s ballads that hit me right in the feelz.
  17. (Leigh) – Lost In the Light/ Bahamas: There are certain songs and certain chord changes that immediately speak to my soul. This is one of them. I found this song by watching the Hulu show Casual. I totally recommend it. Super dry, but delightfully funny and real.
  18. (Leigh) – Voices Carry/ ‘Til Tuesday: Love this song. I always thought it sounded like a knock-off “Head Over Heels” by Tears for Fears (one of my all-time favorites). BUT, plot twist– this song was released BEFORE “Head Over Heels”. Plus, the bridge KILLS me every time!
  19. (Coralie) – Smooth Sailin’/ Leon Bridges: I saw this dude on SNL and was just kind of mesmerized. He is smooth and his voice is liquid. (Leigh) Ha! I got this CD for Russell for Christmas.
  20. (Coralie) – Still A Bitch in My Book/ Lil Troy: There you have it, Your Honor.
  21. (Coralie) – S.O.B./ Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats: “Son of a Bitch! Someone get me a drink!”
  22. (Leigh) – Born Under a Bad Sign/ Albert King: This song is DIRTY (and not in the obscene way) and I love it.
  23. (Coralie) – A Pirate Looks at Forty/ Jimmy Buffett: “Yes, I am a pirate. 200 years too late… I am an over 40 victim of fate- arriving too late.”
  24. (Coralie) – Sentimental Journey/ Glenn Miller: This one is for Anne.
  25. (Leigh) – The Rain Song/ Led Zeppelin:  This song is so hauntingly beautiful and always puts me in the mood for Fall and Winter.
  26. (Leigh) – Adam Raised A Cain/ Bruce Springsteen:  BRUUUUUUUUCE! I love when Bruce gets durty.
  27. (Leigh) – Magnolia/ J.J. Cale: Coralie (and Eric Clapton) introduced me to J. J. Cale and this is another song that speaks to my soul.
  28. (Leigh) – Steal Away/ Robbie Dupree: My joke is that this (and Robin Thicke’s “All Tied Up”) is the best Michael McDonald song that Michael McDonald never wrote.
  29. (Coralie) – Are You Ready for the County/ Hank Williams Jr. ft. Eric Church: So. Hank Jr’s got a new album and this is the first single. I like it. But, I love Hank and his knee high flame boots. But, Good Lort, Eric Church is a sexy country boy! I mean, “let’s pack a cooler, get in the truck and ride dirt roads” kind of sexy.
  30. (Coralie) – They All Ask’d for You/ The Meters: I love you New Orleans.
  31. (Coralie) – Million Miles Away/ Adam Hood: “I can’t take back yesterday.”
  32. (Leigh) – Merry Go Round/ The Equatics: How had I never heard this song before. I Shazzamed this song after hearing it on Aziz Ansari’s awesome Netflix show, Master of None. This song is so up my alley, and so is the show!
  33. (Coralie) – Me & My Baby & My Cadillac/ Sleepy Brown: The title just about sums it up, one day I will own a Cadillac- it’s the American luxury car.
  34. (Leigh) – Old Habits/ Hank Williams Jr.: This song. It puts you right back in a heartbreak state of mind, and that is the sign of a great song. So well written.
  35. (Leigh) – No Use Crying/ Ray Charles: Such a sweet, sad, beautiful little song.
  36. (Coralie) – Little Darlin’/ Cary Hudson: Let this song settle you. (Leigh) I think there has been a Cary Hudson song on every playlist we’ve done… for good reason. Plus, I’m glad the video shows off the cover to this album. Love this album and cover.
  37. (Coralie) – Rainbow/ Robert Plant: “I will sing a song for you and I will carry on. “



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