Let’s Get Real- What’s the Point of Stocking your Freezer if it Goes to Waste?

What's in your Freezer

In the last couple months I have come to realize I have lots of freezer space and it is all full.

Exhibit A:

exhibit a1

(And a substantial share of frost too.)

Exhibit B:

exhibit b1

Exhibit C:

exhibit c


I have all this food crammed into these freezers. The method to my grocery buying madness involves buying in bulk from 2 different wholesale club stores. The result is I have all this stuff stocked up in my freezer and yet we have a nasty habit of eating out! And here’s the second part of the saga: I freeze left overs too and you talk about a total waste of time and space?! The likelihood of us thawing leftovers and eating them- there’s a greater chance of hell freezing over. So for the final weeks of 2015 I vowed to cook out of my freezer. And to stop freezing any leftover that was not a 3 for 3 home run.

How did this play out you wonder? Well, every morning I would decide on a protein and then at dinner time I would pull out some veggies. We ate chicken, ground beef, pork chops and pork tenderloin. At any given time, these 4 meats are in our freezers. We ate them baked, grilled, in the crock pot and just about every which way in between.

If you take a closer look at exhibit A you will see that it needs to be thawed and reset to get rid of the frost. So I am slowly but surely trying to clean it out to begin this process. Again, what’s the point of having a deep freeze if you can’t get anything in it! And as an aside, I def want to have some sort of organization kicking when I start filling it again. As it is, everything is just shoved into wherever it will fit- that’s in all three freezers. I need a system for each.

What’s in your freezer? Are there some unidentified frozen packages that have been in there since you put them there 5 years ago? Do you have a method to your frozen madness? Does this inspire you to take a closer look at your freezer and assess what needs to be eaten ASAP or thrown out? You know we want to know.

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