A Salve for Fresh (Emotional) Wounds

I had a post 98% done Sunday night, ready to go. Just needed one more once over before publishing on Monday. Then Monday came and I awoke to the news about David Bowie. I went in to tweek my post and couldn’t. The words wouldn’t come. The whole thing read wrong. I just couldn’t publish it. I went to bed Monday night feeling like a failure who couldn’t even get a post about dishwashing gloves finished on time.

I can’t watch/listen to all the Bowie tributes. I’m pretending it didn’t happen, if I’m being honest. It’s still too raw. Instead, I present to you this video from friends of friends. You may remember them from their recent Adele “Hello” parody that swept the world. Where as that video was great, this video is genius and just what the doctor ordered. Start your day off with a smile, kids:



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  1. Coralie- you are hilarious and look like a fun gal! Can’t believe the news about David Bowie- he was certainly an inspiring legend. Makes me want to get off my arse and do big things and cultivate my talents. Cheers, and hope you enjoyed your ramen noodles! xo

    • Jennifer, I write this blog with my BFF from high school, Leigh- and this is her post. For the past 3 years we have written separately but we are in the process of changing the formula and writing predominately together. Leigh was very taken aback by the death of David Bowie and even I sent her condolences on her lost! Thanks for stopping by- I do enjoy your blog and I enjoy following you on Insta. Have a fun weekend. -Coralie

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