This Time of Year.

Note from Coralie: Leigh was busy getting ready to gallivant all over the South and I was running just as fast as I could to get myself and Bub and Baby Bub and everybody we love ready for Christmas. Oh, and I was still working and going to holiday parties and such and well, maybe to be fair- we should have taken more than one week off for the holidays. It seems every year, this part of the years goes faster and faster and all we can do is just hold on. However, I will say- Leigh had completed her Christmas/Holiday reflection and I was just struggling to even think about it! She asked me to finished it up and get it posted… well, here we are, just a week late and. So, the blog got pushed to the back burner.

However, I did not want Leigh’s reflection to get lost- it’s valid and worthy. My part… I can say, I started to think about it but then got wrapped up thinking about that damn elf and getting all the menus planned and presents wrapped and parties attended and such and so forth. I will tell you this- the new year is going to bring us to new turns on the blog. Join us next week as we share on here what we have up our sleeves. And as for this week- I guess you caught us without our make-up on- sorry about that- we’ll get ourselves together for you next week.

In the mean time, Happy New Year’s!!!




I have a “word of the day” app on my phone that sends me a missive every morning. Today’s word was, “humbuggery.” Which was extremely apt as I had a slight case of the harrumphs. I’ve written and erased this post twice now, now quite knowing what to feel this time of the year. And that is where I think I have landed: I don’t know. Even though every year is full of ups and downs, this year seemed particularly…woof. I’ve been trying to live my life lately by expecting the unexpected. It leaves me rarely surprised. Beloved celebrities die. Beloved family members die. In fact, even you (yes, you!) will die eventually. And so will everyone you know. We are owed nothing and guaranteed less than that. Bad things happen. They always have and they always will. The question is, what do you do in the face of that? Do you choose to love more; to flood the world with what you think it is missing? The world continues to turn, no matter what (at least for now) so we need to take our cue from that. Let’s choose to move forward. You are lucky to have a choice in the matter, at all.

For me, this season is a time of solemnity and reflection. But also of joy and celebration. It is the end of a year, but also the beginning of a new one. I am full of hope and optimism, but also more skepticism than I enjoy. The beauty of the duality of living is not lost on me.

Tis the season for thinking of others. But lets also bring that feeling past December and distribute it as generously throughout the rest of the year. And as much as I urge you to take care of others, remember to also take care of yourself. Acknowledge the stressors. Deal with ’em. And, like the world, move on. Breathe deep and let it go, if you can. Remind yourself of what you find important and keep reminding yourself of it.

No matter your season, the reason always boils down to love.


This time of year is magical. This time of year is anti-climatic. This time of year and this season of my life is so different than I ever expected in so many ways. For one, my grandmother is dead and for two I don’t live in Monroeville. My childhood Christmas was all about getting together with my family. My mother’s side on Christmas Eve and my father’s side on Christmas Day and we don’t do that any more and haven’t in a very long time. It’s crazy to not be surrounded by my extended family on Christmas. My child will most likely never know what it’s like to have a shit ton of cousins and that’s strange to me. In this season of my life, Christmas is still merry but- it has a new meaning because it is centered around Henry, I mean, Baby Bub.


As Christmas presents to ourselves, there will be no more posts for the rest of December. But make sure to come back on January 4th for some big New Years news! Until then, we wish you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons!

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