You Can’t Take it With You…

Have you ever gotten something like perfume or candies or champagne or even stationary that you loved so much that you wanted to save it for a special occasion? Within reason this is fine. But, have you ever used something you loved so sparingly that it spoiled before you could use it all? I do-  more often that I would like to admit. I have a bottle of perfume I bought almost 10 years ago- like they won’t be making that for a long time to come. There is a bottle of champagne on our bar that we are saving for a special occasion- Good Lord, we had a child, does it get any more special than that? And I have stationary with my maiden name on it that I loved, but now, will never get used.

Most recently, I found myself saving a candle. A Tyler Candle in my favorite scent: Entourage! I don’t know what it is about that scent, but I love it. And Tyler candles are awesome candles- they smell wonderful and they last forever. They are somewhat pricey, but worth every penny. So, you might could understand why I would want to save it and not burn it just any old day— but, really, it’s a candle. An awesome candle but just a candle nonetheless.
Collecting Dust
So, when I thought about that I thought, what is the point of having things you love if you never use them. If you have nice jewelry but you never wear it or you have china that you never use- you don’t get to enjoy it, what’s the point of having it. Before my Grandmother died she gave some of her jewelry to family and friends because she wanted to see them wear it and enjoy it.
I think it is a lesson that I need to revisit. Instead of letting $20 candles sit around collecting dust, I need to burn them and enjoy them. Also, we might as well get the champagne chilled. I don’t want to get caught saving stuff for so long that it ruins. I want to enjoy the stuff I love and love the stuff I have.
Burning Candle
All the Best, Coralie

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