Fun Things To Do While You’re Waiting!


World? We would like to introduce you to  our  new website: It is hand-crafted to be a nice place to land for a while. Please be kind to it. If nothing else, this blog is well intentioned.

We’ve been so excited for the last few weeks. Heck, we’ve been excited about today for months. Since mid-December of 2012, we have been working- in secret- on a ‘lifestyle’ blog. What does that even mean? It means that we created an outlet for ourselves and the world to talk about what interests us. So, what exactly interests us? Judging from the 24 posts we have already available, mainly food. But LOTS of stuff interests us: music, Pinterest, crafting, life’s hilarity…

Collectively, and separately, we both know a lot of really interesting people. We thought, between the two of us, and with a little help from our friends boosting the signal, a blog might actually become something. So, dear friend, thank you for coming and reading. Please come back often! We are, of course, going to be all over the place this week. You’ll see us on your Twitters, your Spacebooks, you’ll even see us on the YouTubes! It is a product of the world in which we live… but we endeavour to make all of our social media requests and announcements as un-obnoxious as possible!

In honor of the first week of our blog, we will each be posting daily this week. Going forward, we will post alternatively. Additionally, we will be including guest posts from our bevey of friends- old and new! There will be some kinks to work out this first week, so if you see anything too wonky, let us know!

So, welcome. We’re so excited you are here! We can’t wait to see where this goes!

Love and Roses,

Leigh and Coralie



    • Thanks Sarah!
      There’s a shout out to you on our blog roll. ‘Macon a Mess’ is one of my favs!

  1. Should be called fun things to do while you WORK (or don’t)! Loved reading every bit of it today during my teacher workday. Can’t wait for more! I need to send you pics, leigh, of my favorite little models sporting some of the great things you’ve made them for more DIY’s!

    Great Job, Gals!!

    • Elizabeth- Thank you for reading. Seriously. And we will be more than happy to assist in future bouts of internet time-wasting. I love pictures! And you have the cutest modeling stable, I know!

    • Thanks Jeanie! We’re glad you like it! You might see that baked avocado egg on here soon!

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