The Internet… Amiright?!

The Internet is down in Valencia and has been since noon. And what started out as an excuse to do things not attached to my computer has now turned into a thing… with a deal. When Jojo got home, he declared that he didn’t want to live in a world where we couldn’t stream Season 3 of Pretty Little Liars. Off we went to Chick Fil-A for dinner (Yes, Margaret… There ARE really Chick Fil-As in California) and then to see “This Is The End” at the local cineplex. We were hoping all would be restored by the time we got home… But alas… This post is being written on my phone (thanks WordPress App and 4G) and will be short, sweet, and random. Because aint nobody got time to write a detailed post on 10 Awesome Things To Do with Baking Soda on their phone AND I’ve already accidentally deleted this post already- curse you hot dog fingers!!! I wish I was as organized as my blog partner (who has several posts on deck and prescheduled for JUST this sort of problem) but I don’t. You better believe I will after this!

So, since I can’t even link to my adorable picture of a penguin tangled in wires having technical difficulties, here are two rando photos I took while cruising around Glendale.


I think it would be super fun to be Judy in the Syrup Satisfaction Department.


I bets it’s delicious, and I am probably a little limited in my thinking, but these two just seemed incongruous to me. I admit it… It made me chuckle.

And finally, since I can’t link to my signature bank, here is one of me… right now… frustrated by the lack of Internet and the fact that I’ve typed and deleted this post twice now!!


Thanks for reading this mess. You better believe I’ll have a few posts prepped from now on!

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  1. Well, as you remember- I have been in a similar set of your shoes not once but twice- when Bub’s birthday camp out went a little long and when my internet connection went MIA as yours has… sometimes you just HAVE to roll with the punches. Besides, I heart tofu and BBQ too! Ha!

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