Make the Best of What You’ve Got-

Here on the Alabama Gulf Coast, we have had a rainy summer season! I mean, it has rained a bunch! Our yard, our poor yard is a lake! Not once but twice we have had house guest be surprised at how loud the frogs are here. Seriously, the frogs are loving all this rain! And- we also had one house guest try to catch the frogs! (Michelle Hall, I won’t name any names.)


But, here’s the deal. Bub, Baby Bub and I are not amphibians and we have had enough of the radar looking like a red and yellow explosion! In the past two months, there have been more rain and thunder storms than I can ever remember being clustered together. It has rained like hell here this summer!

Bub and I were talking and we think there have been less than 6 or 7 days since the first of July that it has not rained. Seriously. Getting out on the beach or out in the boat is a challenge when you are constantly having to monitor the weather!

This time of year, the rain compounds the winding up of the summer season. I am going to let you in on a little secret. September and October are the best months down here. I am so excited that it is almost September! If you are not constricted by your children having to go to school and you are planning a trip to this neck of the woods, I totally suggest you visit in September or October! The tourist have thinned out drastically and the snow birds haven’t migrated yet. It’s this time of year that the locals come out and play!

full moonSo, our restaurant sponsored a full moon beach party to celebrate the season winding down and work slowing down. The resort next door was kind enough to allow all the employees to ride the massive pontoon boat shuttle back and forth from the docks at the restaurant to the island across the way- all night long.



Bub and I took some firewood and together with some other scrap pieces of lumber a bonfire was built. The moon was full, supposedly blue and very bright. Because the party ran from sundown to sunup, every employee had the opportunity to attend- which is rare unless the restaurant closes. So, it was nice.


This whole time that it has been raining I have kept telling myself that it could rain all it wanted to as long as September and October were drier. And Bub and I have been become adept at navigating the radar in conjunction with the rain clouds this summer. We were good before but, this summer has put us at the advanced level! We have certainly learned that you have to take advantage of the time right now and not anticipate getting any extra time to do fun stuff later. But rather to just go ahead and have fun. To quote Paul Simon, “the voice in my head says, oh what the hell, have a good time.”

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