Fall Y’all!

I have always been partial to the last the last third of the year! The first 8 months of the year certainly have their merit- but, I love the last four months especially! I look forward to the changing of each season. I like when we go from Fall to Winter and I like when Spring springs and I even like when the heats of Summer flood into my world. No, the seasons are not as pronounced here on the Alabama Gulf coast but, it is basically all I have ever known and so yes, I see the change in seasons.

fall scene

All that aside, Fall is my favorite. Period, end of story. As a child, Fall meant my birthday was coming up! (I am a Halloween baby who’s Moma is a Halloween baby and who’s son is a Halloween baby and if we want to get technical, my grandmother, my sister, my cousin and several good friends- all October birthdays.) So, October has always been a good month for me and mine. October is my favorite Fall month.

When I moved to Auburn, Fall took on a whole new meaning- it meant football season. It meant being busy at work. It meant rolling Toomer’s corner. When Fall rolled around in Auburn- there was this electric current that you could just feel in the air. I feel certain that Auburn is not the only college town that just comes alive during football season. Now that I am married to an avid football fan (because I am not an avid football fan) I continue to look forward to football season because Bub loves it so much! Although Bub is an Alabama University alum, I am grateful that he is not an obnoxious fan- any obnoxious fan is annoying but, Bub is not anywhere near obnoxious. He has taught me to root for the SEC… okay, I was a bartender in a college town for 5 seasons, even though I never went to a game, I can talk football- kinda.

And then we moved to the beach. And the busy season is the slow season in college towns. So Labor Day and Fall have a totally new meaning. Labor Day signals the end of the summer season and dare I say the 100 days of hell. (the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day) September and October are the best months down here- seriously. It is still warm and pretty. Most of the tourist are back in school and the snow birds have yet to arrive- the locals come out to play. I love these two months down here. I just love them. I love the way the sunlight during day changes- it becomes crisp. Much like I loved summertime in Auburn, I love Fall down here.

lil pumpkin

I feel like this Fall is going to ROCK! First of all, Bub and I have come a long way in the last year! I mean, not only have we had a child- we have managed to keep him alive almost a year! I am very proud of these accomplishment. I don’t know how to articulate it exactly- but Baby Bub is my gift to the world. He is my puddin’. I won’t gush on and on. I am certainly not saying that this past year has been all rainbows, puppy kisses and unicorns- because it certainly has not- but man, I am glad I had a child.

So, this fall we will get to celebrate Baby Bub’s birthday which I see more as having a party to celebrate that Bub and I have been able to keep him alive an entire year. I will certainly post more about that closer to the time. We will also get to take him trick or treating- our neighborhood is unlike any other I have ever experienced on Halloween! It is awesome! I have already been looking into costumes and of course there will be more posts about that to come too. And while I was looking for costumes I just couldn’t help trying to find some good fall projects to get into as well. All of that will def be showcased here as well. pumpkins

And then, right after Halloween comes Thanksgiving! Just like football season, Bub has taught me really appreciate this holiday. I am notorious and I mean notorious for skipping Thanksgiving and heading straight for Christmas- but, I am even looking forward Thanksgiving this year. I am actually looking forward to reinventing some of my favorites with a clean and healthy spin. And also, Bub is just chomping at the bits to make some seafood gumbo and he really does do a good job. Annnnndddddd, tentatively we are throwing a birthday/Thanksgiving/reunion party which really excites me.

And well, that dumps us right into Christmas! And I loooooooooooove Christmas! I mean, I love it! I will be blowing this blog up with the Christmas swag! My BFF asked me if I had put a Christmas tree up yet. She was only half joking! Like I said, I am notorious for skipping Thanksgiving and heading straight for Christmas meaning in years past I have had a tree up the second week of November and in other years past I have had more than 5 trees up- so, although she was being funny, in truth her question had some merit!

I hope I have made it clear how exited I am that September is here and that in my head the first of September signifies the start of Fall. I’m pumped! What are your plans for the Fall? Going to any games? Have you put thought to your Halloween costume? Gonna start practicing cooking for Thanksgiving? How many trees are you gonna put up this year?

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  1. Yes mam, you said it all quite beautifully, Sept is here and fall and Oct is right upon us. I’m an Halloween child too!

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