Succulent Garden Tutorial…I’m Obsessed!

I love succulent plants. Well, I kinda love all plants but I have a very special place in my heart for succulent plants. I had a few on my own and thanks to my friend Nan, I have a few more. I have wanted a succulent garden for a while now but was not exactly sure how to make that a reality. Succulents are prickly and waxy and meaty and just not what is overly familiar to me. In short, succulents are different and for that reason I am drawn to them.

I was surfing around on Pinterest and found this pin detailing how to make a succulent garden in a serving dish! Ding-ding! A light bulb went off in my mind! I wanted to put multiple cacti in one dish rather than just one. But, then I had a little hesitation- those little cacti add up quick and I am just too cheap cost-conscious to spend that amount of money on such little plants (that may or may not live).

However, when Lowe’s put them on the 75% off clearance rack… totally different story- I could swing for a bunch of them! As a matter of fact, I got all these plants plus the two dishes, dirt and rocks for less than $30- I thought this was s great deal!

all thisThe indoor succulent garden was quick and easy to assemble. I just filled the dishes, which I found at a local discount store, about 3/4 full of potting soil. Next I planted the succulents in the dirt. I thought it looked pretty good at that point- but, I continued with the rocks.

dirtI think if you wanted to stop at this point, it would be fine. I just wanted the typical indoor succulent garden look and they are typically covered with pebbles.

a Succulent GardenDon’t you agree? They look great! I was overall pleased. I made two knowing that I was going to give Nan one because she loves succulents too. Whether you find succulents on the 75% off clearance rack, I totally recommend you make your own indoor succulent garden!


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  1. CA- How are your succulents doing? There is a debate about whether or not they need drainage… also, what’s the deal with watering? And how much sunlight do these guys need? Bought some awesome succulents… ready to make my own arrangement!

    • Leigh, As far as I can tell, they are going great! I did not use special soil- I just used regular potting soil. I haven’t watered them at all yet- but, when I do- it will be very sparing because there is no drainage in my dish. Right now they are sitting by the TV getting only indirect-indirect daylight. After Christmas, I am going to use them as my centerpiece on my dining room table where they will get move light… however, that side of my house is completely encased in shade. I have found that cacti and succulents, in general, are very hardy. Hope that helps. -CA

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