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After an amazing, yet exhausting holiday season back in Georgia I hopped on a 7 p.m., 4.5-hour flight back to LA yesterday. Since travel days typically involve airports, packing, and goodbyes they are generally pretty crummy. Although my day yesterday had all those things, it turned out to be pretty amazing, too.

Coralie and I set 5:00 a.m. CST as the time in which our blog posts go live for that day. 98.5% of the time, that is no problem. For me, today, it was a kind of a problem. Coralie is pretty good at getting her blog posts scheduled early. It is something for which I strive and I find my life is much easier when I do. Although I loved being home, being back in Burbank is going to be so much better for blog bidness. It takes me a few days to truly recover from traveling and last night, after walking in from the airport at midnight, it felt like the entire weight and time of my trip home was on my shoulders. My exhaustion was epic. There truly is nothing like being back in your own bed, under your own sheets, after traveling.

So, please forgive that this post is late…

Do you know what never ceases to amaze me? The fact that I can wake up one day, in one location, and fall asleep (that night) thousands of miles away in another. I’m always kind of taken aback by the immediate contrast of it all. My trip to Georgia was pretty wonderful. I got to see old friends, but also meet some new ones. What was brilliant though, is that these new friends also knew other friends of mine… from completely different parts of my life. Between the weird (but so so awesome) friend convergences/coincidences and the fact that I woke up on the other, warmer side of the country this morning, I am totally basking in how small the world can be sometimes.

It is all about the contrast.

My to-do list is a million miles long today, so this post is a little truncated. It’s been so nice being “gone” but also so good being “back”. But, like it always does, time marches on… which is evidenced by the pile of laundry that isn’t going to do itself. If nothing else, though, the whole experience has left me so hopeful and excited for the potential of 2014.

Let’s do it!





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